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MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Somebody's Calling Me Home - Chrissy, Gabriella, Antonio, Ensemble 2. Did You Want To Hear A Country Tune? - Street Singer, Skipper, Chrissy, Ensemble 3. Hog Butcher's Daughter - Sally, Back-up Girls 4. If I Could Hold You - Sally 5. For Better, For Worse - Sally, Major Billy 6. The Audition - Auditioner, Crenshaw 7. A Telegram - Antonio 8. Voice Lesson - Aaron, Chrissy 9. Two Roads Meet - Aaron, Chrissy 10. Does Your Daddy Know You Like To Kiss Cowboys - Male Quartet 11. Train Of Adolescence - Skipper 12. If I Could Hold You - Chrissy 13. Country Music Is My Home - Chrissy, Ensemble 14. Night Of Terror - Skipper, Patsy, June, Crystal, Ensemble 15. An Open Door - Chrissy, Antonio 16. God Save Our Glorious Queen - Fan #1, Ensemble 17. Ghost Town - Aaron, Chrissy, Women 18. Spaghetti Western - Antonio, Men 19. Fly Away/If I Could Hold You - Aaron, Chrissy, Ensemble INSTRUMENTATION: Reed (flute/clarinet/tenor sax), trumpet db. flugelhorn, trombone, percussion, Guitar I (acoustic/electric/ steel guitar), Guitar II (electric/acoustic/banjo), keyboard, Violin I (violin/ mandolin), Violin II (violin/viola), double bass db. bass guitar CAST:( 8 men, 6 women, chorus) AARON- 50ish, janitor at The Country Palace, The Phantom Solo vocals in: • Voice Lessen • Two Roads Meet • Ghost Town • If I Could Hold You ANTONIO- 20s – Italian love interest of Christina, opera star Solo vocals in: • Opening Song Act I • A Telegram • Another Telegram • An Open Door • Spaghetti Western CARLO PUPI – 50ish Italian husband of Gabriella, manager of the Italian opera house- La Scala CRYSTAL- Mort’s assistant CHRISTINA JOSEPH - 20s- the aspiring opera star Solo vocals in: • Opening song for Act I • Somebody’s Calling Me Home