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Later in the underground house the Boys are effusive in their love for Wendy. Only a jealous Tinker Bell wishes Wendy would leave. Peter and Tiger Lily rush in from their chase. Together they smoke a peace pipe and vow eternal friendship. Tiger Lily and the Indians leave to stand guard against Hook and his men, above ground at the entrance to the house. Wendy asks Peter to sing the Boys a lullaby. Listening to the lullaby Michael and John long to return home. Wendy confesses that she too is homesick. She asks Peter if they can fly home. The Lost Boys wish they had parents and Wendy offers hers to all of them. Everyone is excited at the prospect of being adopted, except Peter. He says he won’t go. Wendy, seeing how sad he is, assures him that she’ll come back once a year for spring cleaning. Just then, the Pirates attack and subdue Tiger Lily and the Indians. Under the impression that the Indians have beaten the Pirates (from a secret signal that Peter and Tiger Lily had set up), Peter sends Wendy and all the Boys on their way. Before she leaves, Wendy pours out Peter’s medicine for him to take before he goes to bed. As they leave the underground house, they are taken away, one by one, to Hook’s ship, the Jolly Roger. Under Hook’s orders the Boys are to walk the plank and Wendy is to become the Pirates’ mother. Hook makes sure everyone is gone, then descending silently into the underground house, he puts poison into Peter’s medicine and leaves. Tinker Bell tries to tell Peter of everyone’s capture and warn him that his medicine is now poison. Peter tells her she’s being silly. To save Peter’s life, Tinker Bell drinks the poison herself. As she is about to die, she weakly tells a distraught Peter that if all the boys and girls in the world who believe in fairies would clap their hands then she would live. Peter asks children of all ages everywhere to believe and clap their hands. They do and Tinker Bell is saved! Taking his dagger, Peter heads off to rescue Wendy and the Boys and jumps into his new role as Peter Pan - The Avenger! Act III - The Jolly Roger Hook basks in his moment of glory. As the Boys are walking the plank, he hears the tick-tock of the always hungry crocodile. (In truth, it is only Peter carrying a large, loud clock.) A terrified Hook is defeated by Peter in an exciting duel to the death. As he is about to give up, Hook asks Peter, Pan, who and what art thou? Peter’s reply is simple: I am youth! I am joy! I am freedom! Hook tries to flee but he is then confronted with the real crocodile! He jumps off the ship and meets his well-deserved cruel and miserable fate. All celebrate Peter’s bravery and victory. Night after night, back at the Darling home, Nana and Mrs. Darling await the return of the children. Then, one night, the Darling children silently appear at the open window and sing to their mother. Amid tears of joy the family is reunited along with the Lost Boys, who are willingly adopted by the Darlings. Many years go by, and one night Peter flies once again into the Darling nursery. He wakes a much older Wendy, who has a daughter of her own, Jane. Peter wants Wendy to come with him for spring cleaning, but she can’t. She’s old now: Ever so much more than twenty. Wendy leaves the room, and Peter begins to cry. His crying wakes young Jane, who calls out to him: Boy, why are you crying? Peter introduces himself. Jane knows all about him. She has been waiting for him to come and take her to Never-Never-Land. Peter throws fairy dust on her. As they begin to leave, Wendy returns and tries to stop Peter from taking Jane, but she knows she can’t. Reluctantly, she lets Jane go - Just for spring cleaning - and together into the night Jane, like her mother before her, flies off with Peter Pan to Never-Never-Land. - BILL ROSENFIELD SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 • Scene 1: The Nursery of the Darling Residence. • Scene 2: Flight to Neverland. Act 2 • Scene 1: Neverland. • Scene 2: Path through the Woods. • Scene 3: Never-Never-Land Home Underground. Act 3 • Scene 1: The Pirate Ship. • Scene 2: Path through the Woods. • Scene 3: The Nursery of the Darling Residence. • Scene 4: The Nursery many years later.