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9. The Muleteer and the Peasant Maid (Duet) - La Perichole and Paquillo: "He was a muleteer" 10. The Letter Song - La Perichole: "Oh my dearest, from my heart I swear it" 11. Reprise 12. Finale 13. The "Tipsy" Waltz - La Perichole: "I've dined so well" 14. Wedding Duet - Paquillo and La Perichole: "I have to tell you, pretty lady" 15. Finale Act II Entr'acte 16. Court Ladies' Chorus - "Dear Marquis, get up we pray" 17. Ninetta: "Her face, her carriage, her demeanour." 18. Chorus of the Courtiers - "Oh how noble, how handsome" 19. Trio - Paquillo, the Count and Don Pedro: "This truth is great and 20. e should share it" 21. Finale 22. La Perichole: "My Lords and Ladies, I salute you" 23. Court Ballet • i) Entrance of the Corps de Ballet • ii) Valse • iii) Variations of the Prima Ballerina • iv) Can-Can • v) Exit 24. Battle Song 25. Don Andres: "Ah, when the trumpets call to battle" 26. The Count: "Will you remember all the things to say?" 27. La Perichole: "What does it mean, this show of passion?" 28. Paquillo: "And now, O ruler of our nation" 29. Don Andres: "Take him away! Take him away" 30. Don Andres: "Take him away where be can rant" Act III 31. Scene One 32. Melodrama 33. Bolero (Trio) - The Count, Paquillo, and Don Pedro: "We husbands bowed our heads in silence!" 34. Paquillo's Song - "Were I a rogue" 35. Melodrama 36. Love Duet - La Perichole and Paquillo: "In these unholy caverns" 37. The Jolly Jailer (Trio) - Don Andres, La Perichole and Paquillo: "A jolly jailer!" 38. Entrance of the Guards 39. Melodrama 40. Finale of Scene One 41. Entr'acte into Scene Two 42. Soldiers' Chorus 43. Reprise 44. Good Appetite 45. Chorus: "Once again the sacred hour approaches" 46. Melodrama 47. Duet La Perichole and Paquillo: "Of all the good and all the treasure" 48. Finale