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MUSICAL NUMBERS - with original cast member performers ACT 1 1. Prologue Three Cornered Tune (from GUYS AND DOLLS) - Company 2. I Hear Music (from DANCING ON A DIME film) (Music by Burton Lane) - Company 3. Kiss the Boys Goodbye (from KISS THE BOYS GOODBYE film) (Music by Victor Schertzinger) - Virginia Sandifur 4. Snug as a Bug in a Rug (from THE GRACIE ALLEN MURDER CASE film) (Music by Matt Malneck) - Virginia Sandifur 5. The Moon of Manakoora (from THE HURRICANE film) (Music by Alfred Newman) - Virginia Sandifur 6. The Boys in the Backroom (from DESTRY RIDES AGAIN film) (Music by Frederick Hollander) - Virginia Sandifur 7. Murder, He Says (from HAPPY GO LUCKY film) (Music by Jimmy McHugh) - Jill Cook, Wayne Cilento 8. Some Like It Hot (from SOME LIKE IT HOT film) (Music by Gene Krupa and Remo Biondi) 9. I Don't Want to Walk Without You (from SWEATER GIRL film) (Music by Jule Styne) - Debbie Shapiro 10. Roseanna (from ROSEANNA McCOY film) - Jan Walton 11. I Wish I Didn't Love You So (from THE PERILS OF PAULINE film) - David Holliday 12. Where Are You Now (That I Need You?) (from RED, HOT AND BLUE film) - David Holliday 13. They're Either Too Young or Too Old (from THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS film) (Music by Arthur Schwartz) - Andrea Akers 14. What Do You Do in the Infantry? - Andrea Akers, Men 15. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition - David Holliday 16. Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year - Jo Sullivan 17. I Believe in You (from HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS ...) - David Ruprecht, Men 18. Make a Miracle (from WHERE'S CHARLEY?) - Don Correia, Jill Cook 19. My Darling, My Darling (from WHERE'S CHARLEY?) - Don Correia, Jill Cook 20. My Time of Day (from GUYS AND DOLLS) - David Holliday 21. Two Sleepy People (from THANKS FOR THE MEMORY film) (Music by Hoagy Carmichael) - Andrea Akers, David Ruprecht 22. No Two People (from HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN film) - Don Correia, Jill Cook 23. Baby, It's Cold Outside (from NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER film) - Virginia Sandifur, Jan Walton 24. Luck Be a Lady (from GUYS AND DOLLS) - David Holliday 25. Fugue for Tinhorns (from GUYS AND DOLLS) - Debbie Shapiro, Wayne Cilento, David Holliday 26. Take Back Your Mink (from GUYS AND DOLLS) - Virginia Sandifur 27. How'dja Like to Love Me? (from COLLEGE SWING film) (Music by Burton Lane) - Jill Cook 28. The Lady's in Love With You (from SOME LIKE IT HOT film) (Music by Burton Lane) - Debbie Shapiro 29. Guys and Dolls (from GUYS AND DOLLS) - Company 30. I've Never Been in Love Before (from GUYS AND DOLLS) - David Holliday, Company ACT 2 31. Entr'acte: Medley from HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN film 32. Rumble, Rumble, Rumble (from THE PERILS OF PAULINE film) - Debbie Shapiro, Jan Walton, Jill Cook 33. Standing on the Corner (from THE MOST HAPPY FELLA) - David Ruprecht, Wayne Cilento, Jan Walton 34. Once in Love With Amy (from WHERE'S CHARLEY?) - Wayne Cilento 35. Marry the Man Today (from GUYS AND DOLLS) - Virginia Sandifur, Andrea Akers, Jill Cook 36. Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm (from HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS ..) - Virginia Sandifur 37. Never Will I Marry (from GREENWILLOW) - Jan Walton 38. Adelaide's Lament (from GUYS AND DOLLS) - Andrea Akers 39. Ooh, My Feet! I Like Everybody 40. I Don't Know Nothing About You (The Letter) - Jo Sullivan, David Holliday