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PERFECTLY FRANK A Musical Revue in 2 Acts, a Prologue and 11 Scenes. Conceived and written by Kenny Solms. Music and lyrics by Frank Loesser, with additional music and lyrics by Lou Alter, Hoagy Carmichael, Milton DeLugg, Fred Hollander, Gene Krupa, Burton Lane, Joe Lilly, Jimmy McHugh, Joseph Meyer, Victor Schertzinger, Arthur Schwartz, Jule Styne and Lawrence Welk. Helen Hayes Theatre - November 30, 1980 (16 perfs) SYNOPSIS Act I This generous bouquet of some of the greatest songs from Loesser's fertile words and/or music talent mixes many numbers from his Broadway successes with songs he contributed to Hollywood productions, together with hit-parade numbers that especially recall the 'GI War' from 1941 to 1945. And it is in the ambience of a show for the troops that Perfectly Frank starts. The cast members kid around as they recall those days with They're Either Too Young or Too Old, What Did You Do in the Infantry? and Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition. Two songs from Where's Charley?, presented as a duet-rehearsal, bring two characters together in a duet, then a dance sequence and then in Loesser's classic and uproarious seduction scene Baby, It's Cold Outside - only, unusually, this time the boy/girl relationship switches halfway through and it's he who - not Loo reluctantly agrees to stay 'nice and warm'. One chorus each from another eight songs, at least some of which are bound to make you exclaim 'Did he write that? and the first act is over. Act II The second act is packed with the 'high spots' of the great musicals; and group of songs about marriage, including Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm from How To Succeed in Business Without Really Tryingand a haunting rarity Never Will I Marry from Greenwillow, then a major segment of four songs fromThe Most Happy Fella climaxing in the soaring, operatic My Heart Is So Full of You. The extended finale sequence for the whole company features no fewer than five numbers from Guys and Dolls, two from Hans Christian Andersen and after two film songs that Loesser wrote with Burton Lane, we play out with the memorable phrase Call it sad, call it funny/ But it's better that even money/ That the guy's only doin' it for some doll - and the curtain falls, leaving us happy for the time we have spent with the genius of Frank Loesser. CAST REQUIREMENTS 5 Men; 5 Women ORIGINAL COMPANY CAST (in alphabetical order): Andra Akers, Wayne Cilento, Jill Cook, Don Correia, David Holliday, David Ruprecht, Virginia Sandifur, Debbie Shapiro, Jo Sullivan, Jim Walton. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: Screen Test. Scene 2: USO Show. Scene 3: Dressing Room. Scene 4: Understudy Rehearsal. Scene 5: Manhattan. Act 2 Scene 1: Rumble Rumble. Scene 2: Marriage. Scene 3: Rosabella. Scene 4: Dressing Room. Scene 5: Blues. Scene 6: Finale.