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• Song - Madame Alvarez - "O Pellegrina! Pilgrim from a Persian sea! Pearl that Cleopatra gave love-gage to Antony - Antony, her lord and slave..." • Finale - "Who is the gent? ... The Duke of Trent, your Grace, good ev'ning ... Though my agent has told you that I would have sold you a building site..." ACT II - Hurlelagh. • Chorus - "Ev'rybody's chattering of charming Madame Alvarez: what of Madame, this of Madame, that of Madame A! Nobody, of course, believes..." • Song - Pringle - "I write little personal pars of society's doings diurnal, which I venture to say are the prop and the stay of a highly respectable journal..." • Duet - Lady Betty and Jaffray - "I was taught to be kind to animals when I was a child of two; and I sum up young men and their characters..." • Tango Duet - Miranda, Jecks and Chorus - "I'm the May'ress of gay Buenos Ayres! ... And our May'ress is an heiress! ... For the multiest millionairess..." • Trio & - Melodrama - Miranda, Duke and Pringle - "Oh! who will you make a Queen, good sir, oh! who will you make a Queen? The girl who's fond of gaiety, or..." • Song - Lady Betty and Men - "When I was quite a tiny girl some years ago, Oh, such a lot of little boys I used to know ... A lot of little boys..." • Septet and Chorus - "Galloping, galloping all the time, oh that's the game of Polo! You play to win for the team you're in, and scorn the game of Solo! ..." • Finale Act II - "Each in a mask, who are the three? ... Well may you ask, who are we? We are a noted gang - ha, ha! of Continental crooks..." ACT III - River Place. • Opening Chorus and Dance - "Lithe as a lily and sweet as a rose, oh, she is entrancing! Light as a fairy that twirls on her toes, lantern'd by the moon..." • Song - Jecks and Chorus - "When I walk'd into Selfridge's I felt supremely sily, surrounded by frivolities all feminine and frilly. The girl behind the counter..." • Duet - Lady Betty and Jaffray - "When you talk to perfect strangers, have you ever found ... Have you ever found ... there are many hidden dangers..." • Song - Byles - "When a chap 'as made 'is choice, same as me and my Mirander, he should let 'er 'ear 'is voice singin' under 'er verander..." • Duet - Miranda and Duke - "William was a Footman ... Mary was a maid ... Said William: 'I am suited here till she leaves!' Mary swept the carpets..." • Finale Act III - "Hè hè hè, hèjà, hèjà, jé! Don't ever run away, we hope you've come to stay! Hè hè hè! Where you stroll or stay, you shall hear..." CAST The Duke of Trent Robert Jaffray (his Land Agent) Mr. Jecks (Manager of the Palmyra Pearl Shop) (Directors of the Palmyra Pearl Company) Mr. Muggeridge Mr. Banbury Mr. Poulter Mr. Hopkins (Head Assistant at the Shop) Byles (Messenger and Odd Man at the Shop) Lord George Matlock (Friend of the Duke) Captain Cunningham (Friend of the Duke) Mr. Pringle (a Society Journalist) James Ogilvie (Chief Officer, R.M.S. "Parana") Higgins (a Derbyshire Rustic) Ernest (the Duke's Footman) Agatha, Duchess of Trent (Mother of the Duke) Lady Betty Biddulph (the Duke's Sister) Lady Catharine Wheeler Madame Alvarez (of Argentina Miss Mabel Cheyne-Walker Mrs. Baxter-Browne Miss Fitzroy (Assistants at the Pearl Shop) Miss Beresford (Assistant at the Pearl Shop) (Assistants at the Pearl Shop) Miranda Peploe (Secretary and Typist)