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has to be 'content with a tulip or lily' (it rhymes with die!). Thus 'Each of us will wed the other, nobody be Bunthorne's bride!' Adapted from the original sleeve notes by Arthur Jacobs PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS (plus Chorus) Patience (a Dairy Maid) Reginald Bunthorne (a Fleshly Poet) Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor Archibald Grosvenor (an Idyllic Poet) Colonel Calverley, Major Murgatroyd, Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable (Officers of Dragoon Guards) The Lady Jane (a Rapturous Maiden) The Lady Saphir (A Rapturous Maiden) The Lady Angela (A Rapturous Maiden) The Lady Ella (A Rapturous Maiden) Chorus OF RAPTUROUS MAIDENS & OFFICERS OF DRAGOON GUARDS SCENES AND SETTINGS: ACT 1: Exterior of Castle Bunthorne. ACT II: A Glade MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I 1. Overture 2. Chorus of Maidens with Solos (Angela and Ella) - Twenty love-sick maidens we 3. Recitative - (Patience, Saphir, Angela and Chorus) - Still brooding on their mad infatuation 4. Song (Patience) ... " I cannot tell what this love may be 5. Chorus of Maidens - Twenty love-sick maidens we 6. Solo - (Colonel) and Chorus of Dragoons - The soldiers of our Queen 7. Chorus with Solos - (Angela, Ella, Saphir, and Bunthorne) - In a doleful train two and two we walk 8. Chorus of Maidens (Exit) - Twenty love-sick maidens we 9. Song - (Colonel) - When I first put this uniform on 10. The Magnet and the Churn 11. Recitative & Song - (Bunthorne) - Am I alone and unobserved 12. Duet - (Patience and Angela) - Long years ago, fourteen maybe 13. Duet - (Patience and Grosvenor) - Prithee, pretty maiden 14. Duet - (Patience and Grosvenor) - Though to marry you would really selfish be 15. Finale - Let the merry cymbals sound Act II 16. Chorus of Maidens - On such eyes as maidens cherish 17. Recitative - & Song - (Jane) - Sad is that woman's lot 18. Chorus of Maidens - Turn, oh turn in this direction 19. Song - (Grosvenor) & Chorus of Maidens - A magnet hung in a hardware shop 20. Song - (Patience) - Love is a plaintive Song 21. Duet - (Jane and Bunthorne) - So go to him, and say to him 22. Trio - (Duke, Major, and Colonel) - It's clear that rnediaeval art 23. Qunitet (Angela, Saphir, Duke, Major, and Colonel) - If Saphir I choose to marry 24. Duet - (Bunthorne and Grosvenor) - When I go out of door 25. Song - (Grosvenor) & Chorus of Maidens - I'm a Waterloo House young man 26. Finale ... After much debate internal