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PASSION FLOWER HOTEL A musical in 2 acts based on the novel by "Rosalind Erskine". Book by Wolf Mankowitz. Lyrics by Trevor Peacock. Music by John Barry. Opened Palace Theatre, Manchester 30 July, 1965. Transferred to Prince of Wales Theatre, London 24 August, 1965. Closed 1 January, 1966. (148 Perfs) SYNOPSIS The play charts a series of attempts by members of Bryant House School (female) and Longcombe School (male) to get together with the aim of putting their budding libidos into some sort of action, to which end they set up the eponymous Passion Flower Hotel, a sort of juvenile sexual encounter parlour in the hidden recesses of the school buildings. Their more lurid ideas are soon dispersed amongst pubescent embarrassments and nothing actually happens before all is discovered and boys and girls - knowing each other better as friends and incipient lovers from the foolishness they've been through together - can dispense with Passion Flower Hotel. Synopsis taken from Kurt Ganzl's The British Musical Theatre CAST • Miss Laxton • Mr Cridge • Sarah Callender • Hon. Melissa Bristow • Mary Rose Byng-Bentall • Virginia Goldsmith • Lady Janet Wigton • Cordelia Symington • Jennifer Bothwick • Colin • Craddock • Ellis • Flobson • Thomson • Mimms • Lonrigg • Mr Tony Jackson • Sebastian • Miss Cynthia Rankin • Miss Abbott • Mr Thatchfold • Lady Callender • Sir Reginald Callender MUSICAL NUMBERS: • School Song (The Company) • A Little Hammer (Girls And Boys) • What A Question (Colin And Ellis) • What Does The Country Need Today (Sir Reginald And Lady Callender, Headmistress, Headmaster, Head Girl And Head Boy) • The Syndicate (Girls And Boys) • Naughty, Naughty (Girls) • How Much Of The Dream Comes True? (Melissa) • Tick Which Applies (Girls And Boys) • Passion Flower Hotel (Girls) • A Great Big Nothing (Melissa And Girls) • I Love My Love (Colin) • Beastly, Beastly (Jennifer & Mimms) • Something Different (Colin And Sarah) • Don’t Stop The Show (Girls And Boys) • School Song (Reprise) (The Company)