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Act 2 The Youth arrives in West Berlin during a May Day riot (“May Day”), joining some of the performanceartist protesters (“Surface”). His integrity falters when he misrepresents himself as poor to be accepted by the revolutionary artists whom he now lives with, collectively called Nowhaus. Desi, his new girlfriend and the Nowhaus leader, tells him that only love is real (“Damage”). The Youth can never bring himself to be honest about his background (“Identity”), though he basks in a romanticized African American stereotype amidst his German friends (“The Black One”). Desi finally expresses her feelings that the Youth is concealing his true identity (“Come Down Now”). Meanwhile, he is irritated by his heartsick mother’s phone calls and delays visiting her, even with Christmas approaching, when the other Nowhaus members abruptly return home to their families. The Youth pleads with Desi to stay with him during the holidays, but they fight over their differing views on love, and she leaves him (“Youth’s Unfinished Song”). The Narrator’s self-reflections promptly enter the Youth’s story (“Work the Wound”), concluding with the unexpected scene of the Youth at his mother’s funeral. With these surprisingly dramatic turns of events, the tone of the play shifts from largely comedic to suddenly heavy-hearted. The Narrator and the Youth confront each other directly and in a serious moment for the first time as the Youth copes with his grief; dealing with the loss of the same mother, it is clear now that the Narrator and Youth represent the same person at two different times in his life (“Passing Phase”). The Youth, after declaring that only art can correct the mistake known as life, resurrects his mother’s spirit through his art (“Is It Alright?”). Ultimately, however, only the more mature Narrator remains onstage, professing the need for something beyond “the real” and that this is love (“Love Like That”). MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue (We Might Play All Night)--Narrator, Heidi and the Band 2. Baptist Fashion Show--Narrator and Ensemble 3. Church Blues Revelation/Freight Train--Narrator and Ensemble 4. Arlington Hill--Narrator 5. Sole Brother--Youth, Terry and Sherry 6. Must've Been High--Narrator 7. Mom Song--Narrator, Mother and Ensemble 8. Merci Beaucoup, M. Godard--Narrator and Stewardesses 9. Amsterdam--Ensemble 10. Keys--Marianna, Youth and Narrator 11. Keys (It's All Right) - Narrator 12. We Just Had Sex--Youth, Marianna and Renata 13. Stoned--Youth,Marianna,Ensemble 14. Berlin, A Black Hole With Taxis - Narrator 15. May Day--Narrator and Ensemble 16. What's Inside Is Just A Lie/And Now I'm Ready To Explode - Mr Venus, Youth, Narrator 17. Surface--Mr. Venus 18. Damage-- Narrator, Desi and Youth 19. Identity--Youth 20. The Black One--Narrator and Ensemble 21. Come Down Now--Heidi and Desi 22. Youth's Unfinished Song - Youth 23. Work the Wound–Youth and Narrator 24. Passing Phase--Youth and Narrator 25. Cue Music - Mother, Narrator 26. Love Like That--Narrator and Heidi