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PALLADIUM VARIETY 2 week Season of Variety presented by Bernard Delfont. London Palladium - 30 April, 1962 The CAST included: The Skylons, Ted Rogers, Sergio Franchi, the Temperance Seven, Paul Andrews, Richiardi, Jnr., The Kuban Cossack Dancers, Lionel Blair, Mike and Bernie Winters, Shirley Bassey Programme: • OVERTURE The London Palladium Orchestra Under the direction of REG COLE • THE SKYLONS Thrills in the Air • TED ROGERS Versatile Comedian • SERGIO FRANCHI Italy's Newest Singing Personality • THE TEMPERANCE SEVEN who will oblige with jazz and other sacred pieces which are the rage of society • PAUL ANDREWS Creating an Impression • RICHIARDI, JNR. America's Master of Magic • THE KUBAN COSSACK DANCERS From the White Steppes of Ukraine • LIONEL BLAIR and his TWIST DANCERS • MIKE and BERNIE WINTERS "I Like It" • SHIRLEY BASSEY (Musical Director:RAYMOND LONG)