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Linda and phones the Commissioner of Police. She tells Joey of the plot before Ludlow and Gladys arrive but they are thwarted by the Commissioner, who bundles them off. Vera realises that the affair is over, tells Joey and closes the Chez Joey bank account. As she leaves, the rent-collector arrives, but Joey still sweet-talks his way out of trouble. Linda and Joey then part, again outside the pet shop where they met. As she exits left, another girl crosses the stage and exits right - and she is the one that our incorrigible Pal Joey follows as the curtain falls. CHARACTERS • • JOEY EVANS - Young, ambitious singer; he may be naive about the real world, a dreamer and a fantasist, but he is also a bit of a con-man and lady-killer too. Out of his depth with Vera, but with occasional flashes of sensitive feelings for Linda, his smooth charm is too manipulative for his own good. • MIKE SPEARS - A stoutish man in his early forties, a regular club-manager type who tends to panic about empty houses. • GLADYS - A bored but knowing dancer, with little in life to excite her. An old and scheming friend of Lowell's. • LINDA - A girl who is both sensible and headstrong, innocent and vulnerable. She has a soft spot for Joey from the first moment. • VERA - A flamboyant, 'arty', social butterfly with a lot of her husband's money. A world-weary thirtysomething flirt who is bored with marriage and prefers dating younger men. Her love for Joey is less for his future as a night-club star than for his present as a lover and as such is skin-deep only: she drops him once her affair looks like being made public. • MELBA SNYDER - Press reporter, quick on the uptake and fast-talking. Anything-for-a-good-story type. • VICTOR - Floor-show director. A hard man when things need to be organised. • LUDLOW LOWELL - A ruthless crooked 'artist's representative', he will do anything to get a piece of someone else's money - including blackmail. • COMMISSIONER O'BRIEN - Commissioner of Police and an old friend of Vera's. • ERNEST - The tailor who loves his work. CHORUS GIRLS - Regular dancing girls, who like to have a good time with whomever - Joey Evans included! MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. You Mustn’t Kick It Around – Joey Evans, Gladys Bumps, Agnes, The Kid, Chorus Girls and Waiters 2. I Could Write a Book – Joey and Linda English 3. Chicago – Dancer and Chorus Girls 4. That Terrific Rainbow – Gladys, Victor and Girls 5. What is a Man? – Vera Simpson 6. Happy Hunting Horn – Joey, Terry, Chorus Girls and Boy Friends 7. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered – Vera Simpson 8. Pal Joey (What Do I Care For A Dame?) – Joey Act II 9. The Flower Garden of My Heart – Gladys, The Tenor, Specialty Dancer and Ensemble 10. Zip † – Melba Snyder 11. Plant You Now, Dig You Later – Ludlow Lowell, Gladys and Ensemble 12. In Our Little Den (of Iniquity) – Vera and Joey 13. Do It The Hard Way – Ludlow, Gladys, Dancer and Ensemble 14. I Still Believe In You † – Linda