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INSTRUMENTATION Violin I, II, viola, cello (all strings amplified), pic I (C flute, alto flute, clar, alto sax, tambourine), II (same), flute I (alto flute, clar, tenor sax, tambourine), II (same), bass (clar, bari sax, flute, tambourine), trumpet I (flugelhorn, tambourine), II (same), III (jazz, flugelhorn, tambourine), trombone I (bass, tenor), II (bass, tenor), jazz guitar I (elec, acoustic, classical), II (elec, acoustic, banjo), organ, drums, percussion. CASTING - 7 parts, 5 principals, 2 featured roles, featured female lead singer, powerful legit voice. • Purlie, engaging actor who carries show, sings and dances. • Lutiebelle, singer who acts and dances • Ol' Cap'n, character man who sings * • Charlie, folk singer who acts (playing guitar helps) * • Missy, actress who sings and dances • Gitlow, character man who sings * only 2 white members of cast Several good voices required for extensive choral work. Total cast, 32-42. SCENES AND SETS Prologue, 2 acts, 8 scenes, epilogue (similar to prologue), 3 full stage sets, I drop. Prologue: Big Bethel, a Country Church in South Georgia, Not Too Long Ago. ACT I Some Time Before Prologue. • Scene I: A Shack on the Plantation • Scene 2: Outside Ol' Cap'n's Commissary. • Scene 3: Same. • Scene 4: The Shack. ACT II • Scene I: On the Plantation, 4 a.m. • Scene 2: The Shack, Just Before Dawn Epilogue: Time and Place as in the Prologue. PERIOD AND COSTUMES Not long ago (1970): black preacher's suit, vest, hat, dresses, and coat for Lutiebelle, patched house dresses and work clothes, white Kentucky colonel long coat suit, choir robes, misc. suits, dresses, and go-to-meetin' clothes. CHOREOGRAPHY • Modern, modern jazz, swing. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS • Mostly general lighting. DISCOGRAPHY • Purlie (1970 Original Broadway Cast)