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The Showman’s Wife - Betty Nicholas Judy - Eileen Carver The Policeman - Eric Cave Phase 2 - The Ballet Toby - Annie Kasmir Joey - Hugh Dempster Punch - Bobby Howes Judy - Eileen Carver The Doctor - Sylvia Spiers The Black Slave - Koo-Koo Duncan First Maid of Honour - Elsa Brown Second Maid of Honour - Helen Barrett Polly Peachum - Joyce Barbour Polly Peachum’s Page - Gilly Flower The Blind Man - Denise Heath The Beadle - Eric Cave The Officer - Kathleen Amami Ketch - Bruce Anderson The Devil - Ivy Pike Ladies of the Ballet - Dora Lennox, Connie Shotter, Irene Ashton. Vera wilson Phase 3 - Tile Snowman’s Living Room. Later The Showman - Robert Hale The Showman’s Wife - Betty Nicholas