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sings, “Just like Julius Caesar was betrayed by Brutus, Who’d think an accountant would turn out to be my Judas!” In a courtroom, Max is about to be sentenced when Leo reappears calling himself a rat who deserted a sinking ship. He hands over the remains of the two million (less the cost of the hotel, airfare, and a large jar of cocoa butter) to the judge and in “’Til Him” they re-avow their friendship. The judge, not wishing to break up such a beautiful friendship, sentences them both to five years in Sing Sing. We find ourselves in Sing Sing at a rehearsal of PRISONERS OF LOVE, the latest production of Bialystock and Bloom. As the title song is being sung by real prisoners, a trustee enters with a pardon for Max, Leo, and Liebkind “for having- through song and dance- brought joy and laughter into the hearts of every murderer, rapist, and sex maniac in Sing Sing.” The set changes to the Broadway version of “Prisoners of Love” with Ulla and De Bris in leading roles. The show, a Shubert Alley sign proclaims, is now in its 4th smash year. Believe it or not, Max and Leo are now real (and successful) Broadway producers! CAST • Max Bialystock • Leo Bloom • Franz Liebkind • Rogers Debris • Carmen Ghia • Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-Hallen SvadenSvanson • Bum • Big Lady • Nuns • Street Cleaners • Mr Marks • Jack • Donald • Jason • Ticket Taker • Günter • Stalin • Churchill • Guard • Judge • Jury Foreman • Prison Trustee • Usherettes • First Nighters • Workmen • Little Old Ladies • Accountants • Chorus Girls • Pigeons • Roger's Team • Heilos • Stormtroopers • Cops • Convicts • Girl Prisoners MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Overture - Orchestra • Opening Night - Ensemble • The King Of Broadway - Max, Ensemble • We Can Do It - Max, Leo • I Wanna Be A Producer - Leo, Ensemble • In Old Bavaria - Franz Liebkind • Der Guten Tag Hop Clop - Franz Liebkind, Max, Leo • Keep It Gay - Roger De Bris, Carmen Ghia, Bryan, Kevin, Scott, Shirley, Max, Leo • When You Got it, Flaunt It - Ulla, Max, Leo • Along Came Bialy - Max, Leo, Franz Liebkind, Roger De Bris, Carmen Ghia, Ulla, Old Ladies • That Face - Leo, Ulla • Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band? - Franz Liebkind • You Never Say Good Luck On Opening Night - Roger De Bris, Carmen Ghia, Franz Liebkind, Max, Leo • Springtime For Hitler - Lead Tenor Stormtrooper, Roger De Bris, Ulla, Ensemble • Where Did We Go Right? - Max, Leo • Betrayed - Max • 'Til Him - Leo, Max, Ensemble