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CAST • Major Giles Flack • Acing Captain Terri Dennis • Sergeant-Major Reg Drummond • Sylvia Morgan • Flight-Sergeant Kevin Cartwright • Corporal Len Bonny • Lance Coporal Charles Bishop • Leading Aircraftman Eric Young-Love • Private Steven Flowers • Lee • Cheng SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT ONE • Scene One: The Quartermaster’s Stores • Scene Two: On with the show • Scene Three: Single Men in Barracks • Scene Four: Les Girls • Scene Five: Beginners, please • Scene Six: Western approaches • Scene Seven: Get up them stairs • Scene Eight: Forces Sweethearts • Scene Nine: Harmony Time • Scene Ten: Our SAergeant-Major • Scene Eleven: Lest we Forget • Scene Twelve: Tea for Three ACT TWO • Scene One: Noel, Noel • Scene Two: Kernal of the Knuts • Scene Three: A Tricycle Made for Three • Scene Four: Privates on Parade • Scene Five: The Midnight Choo-Choo • Scene Six: Highland Games • Scene Seven: Si, Si, Si • Scene Eight: The NOrth of Gangapooch • Scene Nine: Pals • Scene Ten: Even their relatives thinks they’re funny • Scene Eleven: Bless ‘em All DISCOGRAPHY Privates On Parade [Original 1978 Cast Recording]