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PRIVATES ON PARADE Music by Dennis King; Lyrics by Peter Nichol. : Based on the comedy Privates on Parade by Peter Nichol Aldwych Theatre, London - 17 February, 1977 SYNOPSIS Private Steven Flowers is newly posted to S.A.D.U.S.E.A. and meets Acting Captain Terri Dennis, a professional who has escaped the rigours of England in 1948 to tour the Far East with a troupe of squaddies in a show called "Jungle Jamboree". Steve watches them rehearse their opening numuber SADUSEA which explains the initials. He is at once promoted to unpaid Sergeant and meets other members of the mess, with one of whom he shares dreams of Hollywood "glamour girls". Topping them all is 'Marlene Dietrich', played in drag by Captain Dennis, who sings a short lament for the old Berlin of "The Blue Angel". Steve writes home to his girl-friend Heather; Captain Dennis, this time dragged up as The Forces' Sweetheart, replies in a haunting ballad The Little Things We Used To Do. The members of SADUSEA sing the praises of Sylvia, the only girl in the troupe, an Eurasian dancer. Their catalogue of her other talents is set to the melody of Greensleeves. Steve puts these claims to the test and falls in love with her. He proposes marriage and she accepts Astaire-Rogers style in Better Far Than Sitting This Life Out. The murder of SADUSEA's Sergeant-Major prompts a funeral oration and a hymn from the Missionary Commanding Officer, Major Flack. Terri Dennis echoes the patriotism of Noel Coward when he asks The Brains Trust "Could You Please Inform Us who it was that won the War?" Steve, newly promoted Sergeant-Major, leads the company into their battle-song Privates On Parade, and Major Flack prepares them for a tough assignment up-country. One of the items from their touring show is The Latin American Way sung by Terri Dennis as Carmen Miranda. He tries to recite Kipling but finally introduces two of the troupe's male lovers, who look forward to a life of bliss in Sunnyside Lane. After many misadventures most of the troupe assemble at the docks in Singapore and prepare to embark for home-sweet-home. MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Overture • SADUSEA • The Movie to End Them All • The Little Things We Used To Do • Black Velvet • Better Far Than Sitting This Life Out • The Prince of Peace • Could You Please Inform Us • Privates on Parade • The Latin-American Way • Sunnyside Lane Original Cast Recording