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Act 3 Princess Ida, Lady Psyche, Lady Blanche and Melissa are in the courtyard of Castle Adamant clad in armour and brandishing fearsome looking weapons. It appears though that despite their warlike demeanour they are terrified at the thought of the forthcoming battle. The Princess vows to remain steadfast whatever the frailties of her army. King Gama is led in complaining that he has been submitted to the most terrible torture. He has been so well looked after that he has nothing to grumble at. Gama's three sons are set to fight out the battle with Hilarion, Cyril, and Florian, and in the best Gilbertian manner they divest themselves of all their hot, heavy armour before going to fight. They are easily beaten and at this last blow Princess Ida decides to give up the university. She is sad that her dream is ended for she says "At my exalted name posterity would bow in gratitude". Hildebrand points out to her that in a world without men there would be no posterity to bow before her. Ida appears not to have considered this small but not unimportant point and agrees to yield to Hilarion. Psyche joins up with Cyril, Melissa with Florian and all look forward to a happy future. Tony Watts CAST • King Hildebrand • Hilarion (His son) • Cyril - (Halarion’s Friend) • Florian - (Halarion’s Friend) • King Gama • Arac, Guron, Scynthius - (his Sons) • Princess Ida (Gama’s Daughter) • Lady Blanche (Professor of Abstract Science) • Lady Psyche (Professor of Humanities) • Melissa (Lady Blanche’s Daughter) • Sacharissa, Chloe, Ada - (Girl Graduates) • Soldiers, Courtiers, “ Girl Graduates,” “ Daughters of the Plough,” etc. MUSICAL CONTENT Introduction 1. Chorus and Solo (Florian) “ Search throughout the panorama “ 2. Song (Hildebrand and Chorus) .” Now hearken to my strict command “ 3. Recit. & Song (Hilarion) “ Today we meet my baby bride and I “ 4. Chorus .” From the distant panorama “ 5. Trio (Arac, Guron, Scynthius, and Chorus) “ We are warriors three, sons of Gamma Rex “ 6. Song (Gama) .” If you give me your attention “ 7. Finale Act I (Gama, Hildebrand, Hilarion, Cyril, Florian & Chorus of Girls and Men) “ P’raps if you address the lady most politely “ 8. CHORUS OF GIRLS & SOLOS (Lady Psyche, Melissa, and Chloe) “ Towards the empyrean heights of ev’ry kind of love “ 9. Chorus of Girls.” Mighty maiden with a mission “ 10. Recit. & Aria (Princess) “ Minerva. Minerva, O hear me “ 11. Song (Blanche) “ Come mighty must! “ 12. Trio (Hilarion, Cyril, and Florian).” Gently, gently, evidently we are safe so far “ 13. Trio (Hilarion, Cyril, and Florian) “ I am a maiden, cold and stately “ 14. Quartet (Princess, Cyril, Hilarion, and Florian) “ The world is but a broken toy “ 15. Song (Lady Psyche, with Hilarion, Cyril, and Florian) “ A lady fair of lineage high “