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At the Coronation, Tom is kind of depressed. Anne asks why he’s upset and tells him to smile for the crowds. Edward runs up, demanding the ceremony cease. Edward and Tom explain their switch. Lord Hertford isn’t convinced. He asks Edward a series of questions about his family members, which Edward answers correctly. Lord Hertford still doesn’t believe until Miles produces the locket, saying Edward had it on him. Edward is crowned king. He then banishes Donald and allows Miles and Anne to marry. Edward also lets Tom and his mother live in the palace, and puts Tom in charge of the library. They all celebrate. MUSICAL NUMBERS • Garbage Court Round • In a Storybook • I've Been a-Begging (a-Bragging?) • Why Don't We Switch? • Do This, Do That • The Prince is Mad • Oh, Pity the Man • With a Sword in my Buckle • Ev'rybody Needs Somebody to Love • The Tree and the Sun • King Foo-Foo the First • Coronation Song CAST • Constable • Edward, Prince of Wales • Hodge • Hugo • John Canty • Lady Anne • Lord Hertford • Magistrate • Miles Hendon • Soldier • Tom Canty • Woman