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CHARACTERS • Stefan Bugeja -The young hero of the story starts off naïve and endlessly optimistic. He goes off to America in search of freedom and finds much more than he bargained for. • Sanddy - A young porn star with a very promising future. Known for her sweet personality as much as for her famous double-ds; Sanddy is also a hopeless romantic and is looking for her true love. • Martin Scoresleazy - A sleazy porn director who still believes that he will one day produce a film of historic significance. Marvin would do anything to get what he wants. • Dr. Johnny Long - The main stud in the studio, Dr Johnny is incredibly cool and confident. He instantly takes a liking to Stefan and decides to be his mentor in the world of porn. • Jade - Stefan’s ex-girlfriend is young and slutty. Although she is not a porn star, her morals leave a lot to be desired. • The Miscellaneous Man -The show contains many small, dull and completely unmemorable characters that self-respecting actors usually go out of their way to avoid. The Miscellaneous Man plays them all. This guy narrates the story and is a general smart-arse. INSTRUMENTATION Piano, Guitar, Bass and drums