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The Chinese besiege the European compound and the animals killed to be eaten. Jack sings Randy a last lullaby before shooting him. In the war that follows, the Chinese are beaten and surrender Hong Kong. Dodo and Upward tell us how the British and French soldiers sacked the Imperial Summer Palace in Peking. Most of the British live happily ever after and the Chinese learn to kow-tow. SONGS: 1. The Blessed Trinity 2. The Bounty of the Earth 3. China Clipper 4. China Sequence 5. The Dragon Dance 6. Dunroamin-on-the-Down 7. The Emperor's Greeting 8. The Emperor's Lament 9. The Good Old Days 10. If You Want To Make A Killing 11. In These Chambers 12. John Companee 13. Nostalgie de la Boue 14. Poppy 15. Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat 16. Sir Richard's Song 17. They All Look the Same To Us 18. Rock-a-bye-Randy 19. Whoa, Boy 20. Why Must I? THE CAST: - M6 F4. Extras • Emperor of China. • Queen Victoria. • Jack Idle: a manservant. • Randy: his horse. • Sally Forth: a schoolmistress. • Cherry: her mare. • Lady Dodo: dowager Lady Whittington. • Dick Whittington: the squire. • Obadiah Upward: a London merchant. • Lin Tse-tsii: Commissioner to Canton. Chorus of Villagers, Clerks, Indians, Bearers, Servants, Animals, Mandarins, Guards The Scenes Various simple settings ORCHESTRATION Violin, Woodwind, Trumpet, Trombone/Tuba, Percussion, Keyboard