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POPPY A Musical Comedy in 3 Acts. Book & lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly: Music by Stephen Jones and Arthur Samuels: Additional numbers by John Egan Staged by Dorothy Donnelly and Philip Goodman Musical numbers staged by Julian Alfred. Settings designed by Ralph Barton. Costumes designed by Charles LeMaire. Orchestra under the direction of Gus Salzer. Orchestrations by Stephen Jones. Produced by Philip Goodman. Apollo Theatre, Broadway - 13 September, 1923 - Closed 28 June, 1924 (345 perfs) Gaiety Theatre, London 1924 (150 perfs) SYNOPSIS A rags-to-riches tale of Poppy McGargle, a circus waif who discovers she is an heiress. ORIGINAL CAST - (in order of appearance): • Sarah Tucker: Maude Ream Stover. • Amos Sniffen: Jimmy Barry. • Mary Delafield: LUELLA GEAR. • William Van Wyck: Alan Edwards. • Princess Vronski Mameluke Pasha Tubbs: EMMA JANVIER. • Mortimer Pottle: ROBERT WOOLSEY. • Professor Eustace McGargle: W. C. FIELDS. • Poppy McGargle: MADGE KENNEDY. • Judge Delafield: Hugh Chilvers. • Premiere Dancer: Marion Chambers. Special Dancers: Hilda Burt, Lucretia Craig, Violet Vale, Victoria White. Girls of the Ensemble: Linelle Blackburn, Nancy Lay, Helen Evans, Evelyn Jerrell, Helen Miade, Virginia Kelley, Mildred Stevens, Dorothy Whiteford, Devah Worrell, Beatrice Wilson, Elizabeth Collins, Kathleen McLoughlin. Boys of the Ensemble: Ackland Powell, Thomas Monahan, Wally Myers, Gene Sinclair, Harry Blake, Al Watson, Norman Jefferson, Walter Wandell. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Opening Chorus - Boys and Girls 2. Stepping Around - Mary Delafield, Amos Sniffen, Ensemble 3. The Girl I've Never Met - William van Wyck, Dancers (3) 4. Hang Your Sorrows in the Sun (Music by John Egan) - Poppy McGargle 5. replaced with 6. Someone Will Make Me Cry (Someone Will Make You Smile) (Music by Rudolf Sieczynski. Lyrics by Irving Caesar) - Poppy McGargle 7. Two Make a Home (Music by Stephen Jones, Arthur Samuels) - Poppy McGargle, William van Wyck