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CAST Oblio - Davy Jones Count's Kid and The Leafman - Micky Dolenz The Count - Colin Bennett Arrow - David Claridge Oblio's Mum, Balloon Lady - Veronica Clifford The King - Noel Howlett Oblio's Girlfriend - Julia Lewis Count's Lady, The Pointed Man - Clovissa Newcombe The Pointed Man - Mark Penfold The Rockman - Felix Rice Balloon Lady - Chrissy Roberts The Pointed Man - Denny Ryder Oblio's Dad - Roy Sampson Balloon Man, New Bird - Gary Taylor Backing vocals were provided by Anna Macleod, Richard Barnes, and Jean Gilbert. INFORMATION The film version of The Point! was first broadcast on February 2, 1971, at 7:30pm on the ABC television network as an ABC Movie of the Week. The film was directed by Fred Wolf and produced by MurakamiWolf Films in association with Nilsson House Music. In this version, there is a framing device of a father telling his son the fable as a bedtime story. In its initial airing, the voice of the father was provided by Dustin Hoffman, but for contractual reasons later airings of the film could not use Hoffman's voice and it had to be re-recorded. Ringo Starr as Narrator/Father (home video release) Dustin Hoffman as Narrator/Father (first telecast) Alan Barzman as Narrator/Father (second telecast) Alan Thicke as Narrator/Father (third telecast) Paul Frees as Oblio's Father/Pointed Man's Right Head/King/Leaf Man/Villagers Lennie Weinrib as Count William E. Martin as Rock Man Buddy Foster as Count's Son Joan Gerber as Oblio's Mother Mike Lookinland as Oblio DISCOGRAPHY Harry Nilsson’s The Point (The Mermaid Theater’s Production Original Cast Recording/1977)