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CAST: 4 female (including Mother Goose), 4 male. The cast may be expanded. Note: Children in cast. The number of girls and boys used in production can easily be enlarged, which can enhance the overall production values. The girls and boys use their own first names throughout. They are good hearted and enthusiastic with good voices and good dancing abilities. Mother Goose always plays that character. Girls: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano and Alto Boys: Tenor, Baritone and Bass • MOTHER GOOSE - Kindly, maternal, mature but not elderly. Good voice, good dancing ability and great vitality to move and maintain pace of show. • Soprano with belt • 1st GIRL - Plays a Dutch clogger, an Asian girl, and Little Bo Peep. • 2nd GIRL - Plays Jill • 3rd GIRL - Plays the fly, an Egyptian cat, and Asian girl. • 1st BOY - Plays George Washington, the Spider, Old King Cole, the Butcher and Jack Sprat. • 2nd BOY - Sings "Song of Sixpence" and plays a Sphinx, Simple Simon and the Baker. • 3rd BOY - Plays a Dutch clogger, Jack, Little Jack Horner, the Candlestick Maker and Elvis. • 4th BOY - Plays Little Boy Blue, a Sphinx, Jack-Be-Nimble and Tome the Piper's Son. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. A Pocketful Of Rhymes - All, Mother Goose 2. Nobody Really Knows - All, Mother Goose 3. A Pocketful Of Rhymes (Part II) - All, Mother Goose 4. Games Medley - All, Mother Goose 5. Little Boy Blue - All, Mother Goose 6. Song Of Sixpence - All, Mother Goose 7. Yankee Doodle - All, Mother Goose 8. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - All, Mother Goose 9. Spider & The Fly - All, Mother Goose 10. Hickery Dickery Dock - All, Mother Goose 11. Old King Cole - All, Mother Goose 12. Pussycat - All, Mother Goose 13. Jack And Jill - All, Mother Goose 14. Mary Had A Little Lamb - All, Mother Goose 15. Simple Simon & Bo Peep - 1st Girl, 2nd Boy 16. Jack Be Nimble - All, Mother Goose 17. Little Jack Horner - 3rd Boy, All 18. Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker - Boys 19. TomThe Piper's Son - All, Mother Goose 20. Hi Diddle Diddle - All, Mother Goose 21. Jack Sprat - All, Mother Goose 22. Little Miss Muffet - Girls 23. Humpty Dumpty - All, Mother Goose 24. Little Girl Blues - 3rd Boy 25. Civilization Finale - All, Mother Goose 26. One Big Happy Family - All, Mother Goose INSTRUMENTATION: Piano