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9. BALLET ROMANTIQUE The Spirit of the Night - Coka Brossecola The Prince - Pierre Olaf The Princess - Laurence Soupault The Witch - Maureen Hill with the entire Corps de Ballet 10. SONG OF THE SWING Veronique - Pamela Austin Florestan - Michael Austin Kent 11. PRECISION - The Garrick Rockettes 12. COURTING TIME The Father - Ross Parker The Mother - Roger Caccia Their Daughter - Laurence Soupault Her Lover - Pierre Olaf The Explorer - Christian Duvaleix The Gendarme - Jacques Legras 13. FEMMES FATALES Les Femmes - Nicole Parent. Maureen Hill, Charmian Buchel. Mary Reynolds, Gillian Lowe. Colette Brosset 14. ON THE BEACH - Roger Caccia, Jacques Legras, Christian Duvaleix, Ross Parker. Patricia Ellis. Patricia Barratt 15. QUEEN OF THE STRIP-TEASE - Colette Brosset 16. AMSTERDAM & PARTNER 17. MUSIQUE DE CHAMBRE - Robert Dhery and full Orchestra Guest Artistes - The Ladies’ Chamber Cheer PART TWO 18. THE BIG TOP PARADE - The Entire Company, The Corps de Ballet and all the Orchestras 19. DOMINGO BLAZES and his Latin-American Orchestra 20. IN AN INDIAN TEMPLE Temple Girls - The Dugudu Dancers The High Priestess – Nicole Parent 21. THIS OTHER EDEN Eve - COLETTE BROSSET Adam - Robert Dhery The Serpent - Jacques Legras 22. LA CORRIDA - Designed by Maroulis Torero - Nicole Parent Matadors & Picadors - The Spanish Dancers 23. MUSIC HATH CHARMS The Charmer - Pamela Austin At the piano - Christian Duvaleix 24. DREAM RENDEZVOUS The Boy - Robert Dhery The Girl - Colette Brosset the Policeman - Pierre Olaf 25. BALLET MODERNE The Dancers - Charmian Buchel, Laurence Soupault, Nicole Parent. Mary Reynolds The Musicians - Piano: Ross Parker, Drums: Frank Daubray, Bass: Len Morgan, Clarinet: Douglas Stimson