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ACT I Scene 1: A Section of Road Outside Lancaster. Scene 2: Another Part of the Road. Scene 3: The Yoder Barnyard. Scene 4: The Yoder Parlour. Scene 5: Side Porch of the Yoder Home. Scene 6: Barnyard on the River Farm. Scene 7: A Bedroom in the Yoder Home. Scene 8: The Yoder Barnyard. Scene 9: In the Yoder Barn. ACT II Scene 1: The River Farm. Scene 2: Kitchen of the Yoder Home. Scene 3: Back Porch of the Yoder Home. Scene 4: Bedroom of the Yoder Home. Scene 5: A Section of Road. Scene 6: A Carnival Grounds. Scene 7: Side Porch of the Yoder House. Scene 8: The Yoder Barnyard. PERIOD AND COSTUMES: Amish suits, wide-brim hats, vests, work aprons, long dresses, plain kitchen aprons, Amish bonnets, modern suits for Dan, Ruth's modern fashions and undergarments. Officer's uniform. Carnival costumes (girlie, Swami, sailor uniform, clown, barkers, mambo). CHOREOGRAPHY: Modern, modern ballet, ballet, dance specialities (Little Egypt). LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: Mostly general lighting. Dramatic lighting on first-act finale. Working water pump on stage, lightning, barn burning, barn raised on stage in three minutes (accomplished by floor anchor platform, interlocking wood framing, trusses raised from ground from offstage and anchored by fly wires, roof [audience side only], which snaps into place and holds trusses in place). It can also be hinted at so that the barn-raising is off-stage. Notes: A delightful show that drives home some basic principles that society has largely cast aside. The book is funny, but sometimes ponderous. Tight production flow is essential. DISCOGRAPHY Plain and Fancy (1955 Original Broadway Cast)