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PLACES, PLEASE Lyrics and book by Herb Martin. Music by Phil Lang. SYNOPSIS A high school is in the midst of auditions for a new musical that has been written by a talented student. Young Colin has created a brilliant show based on Dickens' David Copperfield which is about to be presented by the senior class. What neither he nor the sympathetic teachers helping him anticipated was the effects the competition for roles would have on personal relationships. As we get into the frantic, funny and magical behind-the-scenes world of staging a musical, we also get into a sensitive and serious exploration of what matters most to young people. Because this show contains a rnusical-within-the-musical, it offers a unique variety of songs. There's the contemporary sound and the special flavour of the world of Dickens. CAST: - 6m., 6w., extras, chorus, flexible. • Colin Poore - an aspiring dramatist • Sara Lane - an aspiring actress • Leslie Taylor - a high school dramatics teacher • Matt Lenox - a high school music teacher • Adam Farrell a serious student • Steve Warren - the senior big-time athlete • Laurie Stevenson a popular student, with no acting talent • Gus Morgan - a student • Mr. Logan - the high school principal • Francie Maguire - a real talent, hut overweight • Johnnie Lee Johnson - a novice teacher • Andrea Green - a student SETTINGS: - Bare stage w/curtains. • PLACE: Brookville High School, U.S.A. • TIME: The Present Audition tape and orchestration available.