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CHARACTERS • DOC - Rather a 'loner', devoted to his work, but secretly hungry for a permanent attachment. • HAZEL - Big on physical strength and loyalty to Doc, rather small on intellect. • MAC - The shrewdest and most organised member of the Flop-house Palace family. • SUZY - Starting as a downtrodden defiant waif, she grows and blossoms, first from Fauna's motherly care, then from the man's love she needs. • FAUNA - The mother-earth type with a big shoulder to cry on and a big heart to go with it. • JIM - The soft-hearted cop of Cannery Row. • JOE - A Mexican shopkeeper without too much between the ears. • GEORGE, BILL, ALEC, EDDIE, WHITEY, RED - The Flophouse Palace crew. • RAY - George's brother-in-law, who has come to take him home. • JOHNNY CARRIAGA - A little boy on Cannery Row. • AGNES, MABEL, BEULAH, EMMA, BECKY, MARILYN, CHO CHO SEN, MARJORIE - Girls at the Bear Flag Café MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I • All Kinds of People – Doc and Hazel • The Tide Pool – Doc, Hazel, Mac and Suzy • Everybody’s Got a Home but Me – Suzy • All Kinds of People (Reprise) – Jim Blaikey • A Lopsided Bus – Mac, Hazel, Kitty, Sonya and chorus • Bums’ Opera – Fauna, Joe, Pancho and chorus • The Man I Used to Be – Doc • Sweet Thursday – Fauna • Suzy Is a Good Thing – Fauna and Suzy • All at Once You Love Her – Doc, Suzy and Esteban • Act II • • The Happiest House on the Block – Fauna and chorus girls • The Party That We’re Gonna Have Tomorrow Night – Mac and company • Will You Marry Me - Suzy and Doc • Thinkin’ – Hazel • All at Once You Love Her (Reprise) – Fauna • How Long? – Fauna, Doc, and chorus • The Next Time It Happens – Suzy and Doc • Sweet Thursday (Reprise) – Entire company • Finale – Entire company INSTRUMENTATION. - Orchestration by Robert Russell Bennett Flute; 2 Clarinets; 2 Horns' 2 Trumpets; Trombone; Percussion; Piano; Strings DISCOGRAPHY Pipe Dream (Original Broadway Cast Recording)