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ORCHESTRATION 1st and 2nd Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Bassoon, 2 Horns, 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Drums, Harp MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT ONE Overture 1. Bird of Beauty -Alfred & Chorus 2. What a Ball! - Adele, Ida, Lea, Lilli, Chorus and Ballet 2a Reprise No 2 - Rosalinda ^ Adele 2b Melos: Entrance of Alfred 3. Springtime in Vienna - Rosalinda, Chorus and Ballet 3a Melos: Return of Gabriel 4. Go to Law and Go to Ruin - Rosalinda, Gabriel and Blind 5. Reprise of No 2 5a Reprise of No 3 6. To You I Raise a Glass - Alfred, Trauber & Chorus 6a Scene Change 7. Poor Lonely Wife - Rosalinda, Gabriel & Adele 7a Melos 8. First Finale - Rosalinda, Alfred, Frank, Frosch & Chorus (a) Take a Glass of Sparkling Wine (b) Although We’re Minions of the Law (c) If Late One Ev’ning You Should See 8a Curtain ACT TWO First Entr’acte 9. Opening Act 2 - Chorus 10. Chacun à son Gout - Orlovsky, Adele, Ida, Lilli, Lea and Chorus 11. It Really is Amusing - Orlovsky, Falke, Adele, Gabriel, & Chorus 12. Lilt of Gypsy Music - Rosalinda, Chrous and Ballet 12a Scene Change 13. La Polka de Paree - Gabriel, Frank, Adele, Ida, Lea and Lilli 14. I’m In Heaven - Gabriel and Rosalinda 15. Second Finale - Falke, Orlovsky, Frank, Gabriel, Rosalinda, Adele, Chorus & Ballet (a) Pink Champagne (b) Brother Mine (c) Blue Danube Ballet (d) Oh, What a Night ACT THREE Second Entr’acte 16. Opening - Alfred and Warders 16a. Melos : Exit of Warders 16b. Melos : Return of Frank - Frank 16c. Perpetuum Mobile - Frank and Ballet 17. First for the Coy Village Charmer - Adele. Ida, Lilli, Lea and Frosch 18. In This Situation - Rosalinda, Alfred and Gabriel 19. Third Finale - The Company 19a Finale Ultimo : Reprise of No 3 - Rosalinda, Gabriel and Company