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11. LEGEND OF THE VAIN PRINCESS (Imagined in Jade by Alec Shanks) A Ballet set to an old Chinese Legend The Story: Nothing pleases a spoiled Chinese princess. A prince, whose favours and gifts she has rejected, disguises himself as a beggar. He comes to the palace with a priceless mirror for sale. The Princess wants it.. The price he asks; a hundred kisses. Vanity overcomes prudence. She is seen kissing the beggar, who discards his disguise. She returns to the Palace to find the gates closed against her. The Emperor - George Gerhardt The Prince – Alan Lund The Chamberlain – Gwen Wright The Princess – Blanche Lund Pages – Valerie Swinnard, Alex Carson with Guards, handmaidens and elders of the Emperor’s court. Choreography by Pauline Grant. Music by Ravel, especially arranged by Debroy Somers. 12. TECHNICAL HITCH - Terry Thomas With Derek Scott at the piano 13. TED RAY - Fiddlin’ and Foolin’ 14. IT’S THERE IN BLACK ANDWHITE (Phil Park - Music Arranged by Ronald Hanmer) The Entire Company