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The Commander hears that a message has been given to Cockian and asks him to reveal his source. When he does, the Commander promises he'll set Cockian free but the rebel has at last found love and refuses. The Commander is reaching a boiling point and cannot take any more of Cockian's newfound attitude. Acting on an impulse, the Commander condemns Cockian to die. Cockian is martyred, but as he is tortured he sees a vision – he realizes that love is greater than all other powers and he finally is able to believe in it again. PRINCIPALS: - 4 Male, 3 Female. •Cockian – a street performer who has a lengthy criminal record and who is recruited by the Commander to impersonate Philemon in exchange for the promise of having all his other charges dropped and free passage home. •Marcus – the commander of the Roman garrison who convinces Cockian to impersonate the Christian leader, Philemon. The Commander is a character who believes strongly in the institution of law and order as means of creating a world without flaws. He believes that executing Philemon will set an example for the rest of the Christian underground and succeed in its suppression. •Servillus – adjutant to the commander. Servillus represents the Roman military; he takes orders from Marcus and acts as guard and enforcer on the streets of Antioch. At the end of the play, Servillus carries out the crucifixion of Cockian. •Andos – an eighteen-year-old prisoner in Antioch prison who has recently converted to Christianity for his expecting wife. Andos serves to Cockian as a messenger and his connection to the other Christian prisoners. •Kiki – Cockian’s girlfriend, and his partner in their street act. Though mentioned only subtly, Kiki was once a prostitute, who believed that her relationship with Cockian would prove to be an escape from having to sell herself. Thus, when Cockian suggests that she prostitute herself for one more night in order to help him make some money, she leaves him with strong emotions of betrayal and anger, and then turns him into the authorities for his crimes. •Marsyas – Cockian’s dead wife who returns to haunt him in a nightmare. Cockian has taken full responsibility for her death, as she died in childbirth, and is haunted by the sound of her voice several times throughout the show. When Marsyas died, she was considerably younger than Cockian is in the play, and the song she sings during the show (which haunts Cockian) serves to remind him of his age. •Woman (the Wife) – the wife of the underground Christian leader who was killed. Her visit is ultimately one of the triggering factors which finally pushes Cockian to truly becoming Philemon: not only then does she bestow upon him the responsibility of becoming the leader of the underground, but she tells him of Andos’ death which is of paramount importance to Cockian as Andos reminds him of his deceased son. She also teaches him, through a letter written to her husband, the importance of love. MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Within This Empty Space • The Streets Of Antioch Stink • Gimme A Good Digestion • Don't Kiki Me • I'd Do Anything To Get Out Of Here And Go Home • He's Coming • Name: Cockian • I Love Order • My Secret Dream • I Love Her Face • Sometimes • Protest • Nightmare • The Greatest Of These • How Free I Feel • (“How Easy to Be Scornful • Come With Me • I See A Light SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in Antioch in 287 AD