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his way through the blessing, and wants to be rid of Andos, but the young man endears himself to Cockian. Andos managed to accidentally escape execution, but is officially dead and has the freedom to move around the prison. Cockian asks for his help to identify leaders but Andos refuses, apologizing for being a coward. Andos leaves and the Commander and Servillus return with food and wine for Cockian. They explain he gets special treatment for being their spy. The Commander gives Cockian scrolls with he teachings of Philemon so he can play his part better. Looking at his criminal record now, Cockian thinks about his horrible life and how little he has accomplished. Becoming Philemon might be his last chance to ever make anything of himself. After Cockian decides that he will continue, Andos returns. Andos has decided to be brave and help him by connecting him to the underground network. Cockian kisses his hand, while the Commander and Servillus watch from the shadows. ACT TWO The Commander is set to conquer the Christians and the leader of the rebellion will meet with Cockian. After finding the leader, the Commander can kill him and destroy the Christian movement. Everything will be in place just the way he likes it. In the prison, Cockian is being questioned by Andos about Christian faith and its rituals - something Cockian knows nothing about. He fakes his way through, but becomes more enticed and eventually tells the prisoners that they must not lose hope. He inspires the prisoners to tell him their dreams. Cockian softens to Andos and decides to share his special food supply with him. Andos misunderstands and sees this as a sort of miracle; he takes all of the food back to the other prisoners before Cockian can explain the mistake. As he leaves, he thrusts a shiny ornament in Cockian's hand. The Commander enters suddenly. Cockian realizes that the ornament is exactly what the Commander is looking for, but for some reason can’t bring himself to give it to him. The Commander questions Cockian about his relationship with Andos. He reveals that they know Andos is not actually dead, and they are using him to watch for messages that might be delivered from the Christian leaders. Cockian admits that Andos reminds him of his own son, but promises to observe him for any secret messages as long as The Commander promises not to hurt Andos. A deal is struck between the two men. Once the Commander leaves, Cockian examines the ornament given to him by Andos. Suddenly, Marsayas appears from Cockian's past – she is his former wife, the love of his life. A scene is played where the two talk about having a child. Cockian feels they are too poor; Marsayas wants one even if they are poor. He is convinced by his love for her. In Cockians mind, Andos is further confused for his son. Cockian comes back to reality, and once again looks at the ornament. The Commander rushes in and grabs it. He says that this is obviously a sign of the Christian movement. Servillus questions Andos, but Andos denies knowing about the ornament. The Commander tells Andos that his wife has just given birth to a son. If he tells him the truth and ultimately reveals the leader of this Christian rebellion, he could be back with them soon. Andos doesn’t give in, and he is taken to the yard to be tortured. Cockian asks why it must be done in front of the others and the Commander explains he wants to make an example of Andos. He tells Cockian that Andos’ screams are gusts of wind on which Cockian will sail home. When Servillus begins to beat Andos, Cockian can no longer pretend he doesn’t care. He leads the other prisoners in protest. Ultimately, he faces the Commander and he asks to be let out. He'll go back to being Cockian, the clown, and go to the labor camps. The Commander informs him that Cockian is dead – murdered for his gambling debts - and his record is destroyed, so there is no proof of his existence. The Commander then orders that Cockian be locked away in a cell and severely punished. It is then that Cockian realizes that he was tricked all along. Bound in prison, Cockian has a nightmare where images from his past come to haunt him. Marsayas, Kiki, and Andos all appear and seem to be reaching out to him. Suddenly, his nightmare ends and he finds a real woman in his cell with him. The woman unties him and informs Cockian that her husband - executed three days ago - was the leader of the Christians. She tells Cockian that he must now lead the people. Cockian initially hesitates, but after she makes him listen he agrees to help.