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The Princess and the Warrior - Dancers Scene 2 Percy’s Rooms in Trinity If I had a Chance - Phil and Percy Scene 3 The Quadrangle of Trinity Abdul Abulbul Ameer - Percy and Company Scene 4 The Girls’ Bedroom of Mrs. Fitzmaurice’s house in Mountjoy Square Mania - Cathleen and Noreen Scene 5 Outside Sweeney’s Restaurant They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore - Mrs. Fitzmaurice and Company Scene 6 Punchestown Races Race Day - Dancers Good Money - Percy and Company Scene 7 The Stables Now Would You Like Me? Scene 8 The Conservatory of Mrs. Fitzmaurice’s House: Phil The Fluter - Phil, Percy, Mrs. litimaurice and Company ACT TWO Scene 1 The Library of Trinity College The Mountains of Mourne - Percy and Chorus Scene 2 Outside “The Holy Ground” Follow Me - Phil and Company Scene 3 Outside Mrs. Fitzmaurice’s House Where is She? - Percy Scene 4 Mrs. Fitzmaurice’s Bedroom And You Like It - Mrs. Fitzmaurice and Percy Scene 5 The Railway Line — Somewhere between Ennis and Kilkee Wonderful Woman - Percy Are You Right There, Michael ? - Phil Percy & Company Scene 6 The Stage of a Music Hall That’s Why the Poor Man’s Dead - Phil and Company Reprise: A Favour for a Friend - Phil Scene 7 A Magistrate’s Courtroom Scene 8 Dublin by Night - The Company Reprise: Wonderful Woman . .