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• The Half Boy, a boy who is only .58 of a person. He comes from the "average" family, which has 2.58 children. He is the .58. • The Giant, the Midget, the Fat Man, and the Thin Man, all the same very ordinary-looking individual who explains that he is at once the world's shortest giant, tallest midget, thinnest fat man, and fattest thin man • Canby, a frequent visitor to Conclusions who is both as short as can be and as tall as can be, among other things • King Azaz's advisors/cabinet, includes the Duke of Definition, Minister of Meaning, Count of Connotation, Earl of Essence, and the Undersecretary of Understanding. • The Demons of Ignorance • The Terrible Trivium, a humanoid demon with no face who seduces passers-by with mindlessly easy but pointless tasks that take an incredibly long time to accomplish. Tasks include moving great piles of sand grain by grain. • The Demon of Insincerity, a rabbit/kangaroo like demon. Its only purpose is to annoy anything or anybody that comes by. • The Gelatinous Giant, a giant hidden in the mountains of ignorance. • The Triple Demons of Compromise, a demon fused of three bodies; one is short and fat, one is tall and thin, and the third looks exactly like the others. They can never truly go anywhere because, rather than reach agreements, they constantly compromise. • The Horrible Hopping Hindsight, a demon which has its eyes on its rear end. It never sees where it is going, only where it has been, and always thinks that each movement could have been better. • The Overbearing Know-it-All, a spherical demon with spindly legs. He constantly talks, offering his own incorrect opinions to anyone nearby, and all are in danger of being crushed under him. • The Threadbare Excuse, a humanoid demon that clings to anyone who will give him a ride. He is always heard murmuring weak reasons for not doing things, and also has a vice-like grip on anyone who holds him. • The Gorgons of Hate and Malice, two disgusting slug-like demons that leave oozing trails behind them. They are completely blind. MUSICAL NUMBERS • Prologue / Another Boring Afternoon • Demons' Song: Gotcha • The Bird of the Booth • A Ride Beyond Expectation • The Whether Man • The Doldrums • Chaconne of the Lethargarians • The Lethargians • The Lethargian Shuffle • Tock's Narrative • Welcome to Dictionopolis • At the Market • The Spelling Bee • Entrance of King Azaz • Azaz's Warning • Do I Dare • Good Fortune to Tock and Milo • The Second Demon Scene - Gotcha (Reprise) • Giant/Midget • The Joys of Noise • The Dodecahedron • Hail Digitopolis - The Number Miners Number • The Mathemagician's Entrance, Subtraction Stew • From Farewell Digitopolis Through Mountains of Ignorance, The Senses Taker • Gotcha!! (Reprise) • Milo • The Return of Rhyme and Reason • The Drive Back Home • Finale INSTRUMENTATION Bass : Cello : Horn : Keyboard : Percussion : Reed 1 : Reed 2 : Reed 3 : Reed 4 : Reed 5 : Trombone : Trumpet : Viola : Violin