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scatter. The Watchdog asks Milo what he is doing there. Milo says he is on his way to Dictionopolis, and The Watchdog tells him he got stuck here because he was not thinking and the only way to get out is to start thinking. He urges Milo who begins to think about anything he can which gets him moving again. Tock, the Watchdog, tells Milo the story of Dictionopolis. Years ago, there were two princes born, one with a gift for words and one with a gift for numbers. The rift grew so great between them that they each went their separate way and established their own land, Azaz became the ruler of Dictionopolis and the Mathmagician became the ruler of Digitopolis. Their sisters, the Princess Rhyme and the Princess Reason tried to settle the quarrel. They ruled that numbers and words were of equal value. The brothers still could not agree except to agree that this answer from their sisters, equal importance, was wrong. They banished the two princesses to the Castle in the Air. Tock and Milo arrive in Dictionopolis and it is Market Day. They find themselves in a market where words are being sold and bought. Milo is amazed by how many words there are and how many uses. While at the market they meet the Spelling Bee, a large bee, who never stings, but can spell anything. They also meet the Humbug, an old beetle who is sceptical of everything. Milo tells him that since he seems so wise, he must be able to help them meet the king. The King’s Advisors arrive and welcome Milo and lead him to the king. Since words are so important, they try to use all of them, even if in one sentence they use four words that all mean the same thing. Milo sees the downside to words now too, they can be very confusing. The King agrees with Milo that ever since Rhyme and Reason were banished things seem to make little sense. Milo and Tock say that they want to try and rescue Rhyme and Reason and return them here. The King is cautious, saying it would be a difficult job. He warns Milo and Tock of all the dangers that lay on the way to the Castle in the Air. He also tells them that his brother, the Mathmagician would have to agree to their rescue and if he knew Azaz said yes, he never would. Milo takes a moment to decide if he is brave enough to take on this challenge and decides that he is. The King gives Milo a dictionary to use on his way. The people of Dictionopolis gather to send Milo and Tock on their way. ACT TWO The road seems to have disappeared and Milo and Tock are now on foot. They are carrying on though, as the Demons watch. They wonder what Milo thinks he is doing. They cannot believe he is trying to accomplish something and thinks himself to be important. They warn that they have ways of stopping him. The travellers seek out help. They meet a man who confuses them even more-he says he is a giant, a midget, a fat man and a thin man. They try to point out the problem with this, but he just sends them on their way. They meet Dr. Discord and his assistants the Deci-Belles. They specialise in noises, all sorts of noises, especially loud ones. They point them to a sign which shows them the way to Digitopolis. It is three signs, one with miles, one with yards and feet and one with inches. They cannot decide which one to follow. Dodecahedron, a mathematical figure with twelve different faces, greets them. They ask her which sign to follow, and she leads them on a shortcut. Milo is now very confused-he is not good at problems. They arrive at the Numbers Mine. Milo is amazed that this is where numbers come from! Dodecahedron assures him that you must dig for numbers, and it is very hard work. He wonders if it is worth it-he feels numbers are not even that important. The miners teach Milo the importance of numbers. After all, how can you have tea for two without numbers? The Mathmagician arrives and greets his guests. He assures them of the importance of numbers over words. They sit down to lunch but feel hungrier than before. They had eaten the special of Digitopolis, Subtraction Stew. They discuss the confusion of things here since Rhyme and Reason were banished. Milo explains that he wishes to save them but he needs the Mathmagician’s consent. As soon as the mathmagician realises his brother Azaz has consented, he will not. He insists that they will never agree on anything, and unless Milo can prove him different, he may not go save Rhyme and Reason. Milo points out that they will always agree to disagree. Obviously proven wrong, the mathmagician gives Milo a pencil to solve any problems he encounters and sends him on his way. Milo and Tock head into the Mountains of Ignorance as the demons anxiously await them. Milo and Tock go head-to-head with all the demons who are trying to stop them. There is Trivium, the Demon of Worthless Tasks. He tries to enlist their help in filling his pool using eye droppers and untangling paper clips, all of which would take forever. There is The Demon of Insincerity who keeps them running around in circles and gives them the worst