Shows "O"

• LADY SYBIL - MISS JULIA JAMES. • LADY TRIXIE - MISS ENID LESLIE. • LADY ANGELA - MISS CRISSY BELL. • LADY MURIEL - MISS SUZANNE SELBOURNE. • LADY GWEN - MISS GERTIE THORNTON • MISS GIBBS ("Our Miss Gibbs") - MISS GERTIE MILLAR GIRLS AT THE STORES :— Mesdames Madge Melbourne, Ida Barnard, Rhona Dalvy, Joe Howard, Gladys Carrington, Pattie Wells, Irene Warren, Shirley Power, Pauline Francis, Nancy Moore, Marjorie Michie Marjorie Napier, Ruby Kenned Ruth Argent, Gertrude Birch, Marie Dean. DUDES :— Messrs. G. Grundy, E. Camp, A. Fraser, J. Redmond, C. Cameron, S. Lindon. SCENES AND SETTINGS • ACT 1 - Garrod's Stores • ACT 2 - Court of Honour at the Franco-British Exhibition MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT I. 1. OPENING CHORUS - (We will be quick and do our shopping) 2. SONG (Eynsford) - My Yorkshire Lassie - (There's a girl at the stores called Mary) 3. CHORUS OF BRIDESMAIDS - (We're the dear little ladies, selected) 4. SONG ( Jeanne) and CHORUS of GIRLS - Hats - (Some people say, success is won) 5. SONG (Betty) - Romance - (Though I am not so unwilling) 6. CHORUS OF DUDES - Correct - (A fashionable band of brothers are we) 7. SONG (Mary) and CHORUS of DUDES - Mary - (I'm a little Yorkshire Lass) 8. SONG (Hughie) and CHORUS - Hughie - (Though I'm a man of noble birth) 9. DUET (Mary and Timothy) - Country Cousins - (When the season's on the wane) 10. DUET (Mary and Hughie) - Not That Sort of Person - (I will confess that as a man you're all) 11. CONCERTED NUMBER - The White City - (There's a City of palaces white) 12. FINALE ACT I - (Saturday afternoon, the welcome bell gives warning) ACT II 13. OPENING CHORUS & ENTRANCE of IRISH GIRLS - (Palaces Oriental, glistening marble halls) 14. SONG (Mary) - In Yorkshire - (Oh, London is really a wonderful town) 15. SEXTET (Hughie, Toplady, Slithers, Amalfy, Eynsford and Timothy) - An English Gentleman - (Though something has upset us) 16. SONG (Betty) and CHORUS - Arms and the Man - (I am sure your education is not complete at present) 17. CONCERTED NUMBER - Baby and Nurse - (Push the pram for baby) 18. DUET (Mary and Timothy) - Our Farm - (I'd like to tell you all about the farm) 19. CHORUS and SOLO DANCE - Moon-Fairies - (Over the dome and steeple) 20. SONG (Mary) and CHORUS of GIRLS - Moonstruck - (Moon, moon, mischief-making moon) 21. DUET (Hughie and Timothy) - You Come and Stay With Me - (1f you'll come down to my place) 22. FINALE ACT II - (When country cousins come up to Town) Addenda SONG (Hughie) and CHORUS - Bertie the Bounder - (Bertie Fitzfootletop, King of Romance) SONG (Betty) - Slack-wire San - (Slack-wire San from far Japan)