Shows "O"

SCENES AND SETTINGS Act I • Scene 1: The boat dock, just before sailing. The year, 1920 • Scene 2: The Boat Corridor, a short time later • Scene 3: Cornelia and Emily's cabin, immediately following • Scene 4: On deck, the next morning • Scene 5: One deck, the last night on board • Scene 6: On deck, about and hour later • Scene 7: The girls' cabin, the next morning Act 2 • Scene 1: Paris Montage • Scene 2: The girls' hotel room in Paris • Scene 3: The same, the following morning • Scene 4. Pierre Henri's acting studio, a week later • Scene 5: A street in Paris, a short time later • Scene 6: The girls' hotel room, abnout a month later • Scene 7: The girl's hotel room, their last night in Paris Orchestration available. LIBRETTO Our hearts were young and gay,: A musical comedy in two acts