Shows "O"

Shopkeepers • Mrs Roberts: Foresees what might happen to her if she lets the children into her café and forbids them from entering. • Waitress: Works in Mrs Roberts's café. • John: Shop owner who gets robbed by the kids. • Mac: Shop owner who gets robbed by the kids. Other Adults • Les: The lollipop man. • Ronny Suttcliffe: Driver of the coach who gets tricked by Mrs Kay. • The Animal Keeper: He is seen when he shouts at the kids for stealing animals from the zoo. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act 1 1. We're Goin' Out - Carol and kids 2. Mrs Kay's Progress Class - Kids 3. Got A Packed Lunch - Kids 4. Boss Of The Bus - Ronny and Kids 5. Instructions On Enjoyment - Mr Briggs 6. We're Off - Kids 7. Look At The Dogs/Our day out (The travelling song) - Company 8. The Mersey Tunnal - Kids 9. It's Borin', Bleeding Borin' - Bored Girls 10. Straight Line - Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay 11. Penny Chews - Kids 12. I'm In Love With Sir - Linda, Jackie and Kids 13. Zoo Song - Bored girls and Kids 14. Our Day Out - Kids Act 2 15. Castle Song - Mr Briggs, Kids, Linda Jackie and Colin 16. Beach Song (short) - Bored girls and Kids 17. I Know You Like Her - Susan 18. Why Can't It Always Be This Way (Carol's Song) - Carol 19. Fairground Song - Kids 20. Everywhere We Go - Kids 21. Ay Ay Yippee Yippee Ay - Kids 22. We Had A Really Great Day Out - Company 23. Finale: No One Can Take This Time Away - Company SETTINGS: Various simple and exterior settings