Shows "O"

6. INVOCATION (Eurydice and Chorus) - "Beloved, stay I pray you" 6a - THE AWAKENING 6b - PLUTO EXIT 7. FINALE ACT I (Orpheus, Calliope, Pupils and Chorus) - "I must do as I am bid" 8. ENTR'ACTE ACT II OPENING ACT II (Orchestral) 9. LAMENT FOR ACTEON (Diana, Venus, Jupiter and Chorus) - "Fair Diana, wither away?" 10. BALLOON SONG (Calliope, Orpheus and Icarus) - "When I consider all the various ways" 11. NOTHING WE CAN DO (Juno, Pluto and Jupiter) - "For as I hear tell you've been up to your tricks 12. TO ARMS (Ensemble) - "To arms, Olympian divinities" 13. HA-HA-HA! (Cupid, Venus, Diana, Mars and Chorus) - "Whenever Jupiter's off duty" 14. FINALE ACT II (Ensemble) - "Here they come now" 15. ENTR'ACTE ACT III 16. SORRY I CAME (Eurydice) - "Behold me alone and neglected" 17. CHERCHEZ LA FEMME! (Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Styx) - "Whenever any man's dejected" 18. THE HADES CHORUS (Chorus, Venus and Cupid) - "Long live our king and long live wine forever" 19. REPRISE: "MORTALS BELOW, GODS UP ABOVE" (Eurydice, Pluto and Chorus) 20. MINUET (Jupiter, Pluto and Ensemble) - "If I had my way so called etiquette" 21. GALOP (Ensemble) 22. ENTRANCE OF ORPHEUS 23. FINALE ACT III (Full Company) - "Though to gaze on her doubtless" 24. CURTAIN CALL (Full Company) - "Now to Olympus say goodbye" 25. PLAY-OUT SUPPLEMENTARY NUMBERS (Optional) 17a - "I WAS A KING (Styx) 18a - THE "FLY" DUET (Eurydice and Jupiter) 19a - HYMN TO BACCHUS (Eurydice and Chorus) SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT 1 • A Landscape near Thebes ACT 2 • Mount Olympus ACT 3 • (a) Pluto's Den • (b) Hades PERIOD The action of the operetta takes place, without any regard for credibility, in unspecified ANCIENT TIMES. DISCOGRAPHY Orpheus in the Underworld Highlights