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O, MARRY ME! Music by Robert Kessler Libretto and Lyrics by Lola Pergament, based on Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer Gate Theatre - Off-Broadway 27 October, 1961 (21 perfs) THE STORY (Late 18th Century England) Marlow is a bashful young man who only feels easy with serving girls and barmaids. He therefore sets out with reluctance to win the hand of Miss Kate Hardcastle, a young lady of quality. He is tricked by the mischievous Tony Lumpkin into believing that the home of Kate's father is a village inn and goes there accompanied by his friend Hastings. Marlow treats the enraged Mr Hardcastle as if he were an impudent landlord. Kate takes advantage of the situation by posing first as a barmaid and then as a poor relative, thus 'conquering' young Marlow. Constance Neville, who is Kate's friend and cousin, fails in love with Hastings. This does not please Mrs Hardcastle who dotes on her oafish Tony, her son by a previous marriage. She had intended a match for him with Constance. The mistakes of the evening unravel with the arrival of Marlow's father. Mr Hardcastle forgives young Marlow and all ends happily. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS • Miss Kate Hardcastle (soprano) • Young Marlow (baritone) • Miss Constance Neville (soprano) • Hastings (baritone) • Mrs Hardcastle (mezzo) • Squire Hardcastle (baritone) • Tony Lumpkin (baritone) (plus Chorus) MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. I Love Everything That's Old (Mr Hardcastle) 2. Time and Tide 3. The Kind of Man (Kate) 4. Ale House Song 5. My Proper Due (Tony) 6. Be a Lover (Hastings, Marlow) 7. Perish the Baubles 8. The Meeting 9. Fashions (Mrs Hardcastle, Hastings) 10. Say Yes, Look No 11. Let's All Be Exactly and Precisely What We Are 12. The Braggart Song (Marlow, Kate) 13. O Marry Me! (Kate) 14. Betrayed (Ensemble) 15. Motherly Love 16. Morality INSTRUMENTATION - (Total number of books = 3) 1 Cello 1 Flute/Clarinet 1 Piano