Shows "O"

ACT I 1. Overture – Orchestra 2. New Art Is True Art – Whitelaw Savory and Chorus 3. One Touch of Venus – Molly Grant and Girls 4. How Much I Love You – Rodney Hatch 5. I’m A Stranger Here Myself – Venus 6. Forty Minutes for Lunch – (ballet) 7. West Wind – Savory and Chorus 8. Way Out West in Jersey – Mrs. Kramer, Gloria Kramer, and Rodney 9. That’s How I Am Sick of Love – Rodney 10. Foolish Heart – Venus 11. The Trouble With Women – Rodney, Savory, Taxi Black, and Stanley 12. Speak Low – Venus and Rodney 13. Artist’s Ball – Orchestra 14. Doctor Crippen – Savory and Dancers ACT II 15. Entr’acte – Orchestra 16. Very, Very, Very – Molly 17. Speak Low (Reprise) – Rodney and Venus 18. Catch Hatch – Savory, Molly, Stanley, Taxi Black, Mrs. Kramer, 3 Anatolians, and Chorus 19. That’s Him – Venus 20. Wooden Wedding – Rodney 21. Venus in Ozone Heights – (ballet) 22. Speak Low (Reprise) CHARACTERS • WHITELAW SAVORY - A forceful operator and over-lifesize enthusiast, for contemporary art and for his Venus, to help him recapture the love of his young life. (Baritone) • MOLLY GRANT - She is very much the little helpmate, but witty and pert - which Savory appreciates. (Mezzo-soprano) • RODNEY HATCH - The typical 'little' man, pre-destined for a hen-pecked suburban existence. Events move so fast that he hardly gets a chance to enjoy his whirlwind romance with the divine Venus. (Tenor) • VENUS - Passionate and serious about her love for Rodney, and not afraid to continue using her divine powers, she still draws back at the prospect of committing herself to the humdrum existence of humankind. (Mezzo-soprano) • GLORIA KRAMER - A compendium of all the least attractive characteristics of the wedding-bound young woman. (Mezzo-soprano) • MRS. KRAMER - A model for her daughter - and the worse for that. (Mezzo-soprano) • ZUVETLI - The "unconstructed Anatolian" - a caricature of the typical Middle Eastern Balkan bandit. (Speaking role) ORCHESTRATION • Reed 1: Clarinet, Alto Sax • Reed 2: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, • Tenor Sax, Flute, Piccolo • Reed 3: Clarinet, Alto Say, Tenor Sax, Flute, • Piccolo • Reed 4: Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Flute, Piccolo • 3 Trumpets, Trombone • Piano, Guitar • Timpani & Percussion • Strings