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The doublings for the original West End production Male • Clown • Tom, Tom the Piper's son, The Owl, Jack Frost, Villager • Georgie Porgy, Dragon, Piggy-Wig, Villager, Schoolchild • Little Tommy Tucker, Little Boy Blue, Puss in Boots, Knave of Hearts, Ringmaster • Cockney Pussy Cat, Wolf, Fiddler, Schoolchild • Soldier, Fiddler, Dandyish Pussy Cat, Schoolchild • Daddy Bear, King of Hearts, Farmer • Town Crier, Old King Cole, Schoolchild • Tweedledum, Turkey, Ogre • Aristocratic Pussy Cat, Soldier, Fiddler, Snowman, Villager Female • Red Riding Hood, Villager, Schoolchild • Tweedledee, Baby Bear, Grandma • Pussy Cat, Villager, Schoolchild • Mummy Bear, Witch, Farmer's Wife, Teacher • Lady on a Cock Horse, Old Mother Hubbard, Blackbird, Schoolchild • Miss Muffet, Daffy Down Dilly, Villager, Schoolchild • Mary, Little Bo-Peep, Goldilocks • Goosey Gander, Villager, Schoolchild INSTRUMENTATION: Woodwind I Woodwind II Percussion I Percussion II • Flute • Clarinet in Bb • Alto Saxophone in Eb • Clarinet in Bb • Bass Clarinet in Bb • Alto Saxophone in Eb • Trumpet in Bb / Flugelhorn in Bb (Flugelhorn optional) • Electric / Acoustic Guitar (both optional) • Acoustic Piano / Electric Piano (Electric Piano optional) • Bass (String or Electric) • Timpani (2) • Xylophone • Vibraphone • Glockenspiel • Tambourine • Maracas • Castanets • Suspended Cymbal • Bell Tree • Sleigh Bells • Standard Drum Kit • Triangle • Temple Blocks (2) • Woodblock • Finger Cymbals • Mouth Siren / Whistle Vocal Score and Libretto available on hire only DISCOGRAPHY Studio Cast Recording no longer available Roger Webb and Norman Newell’s musical ‘Once Upon A Time’ was staged at the Duke Of York’s Theatre in 1972 and ran for 26 matinee performances over the Christmas period. The magical tale was directed by Gillian Lynne with sets and costumes by Tony Walton. The show was presented by David Frost and starred a young Tim Curry (pre ‘Rocky Horror Show’). Songs from the score were issued on an album by The Mike Sammes singers, released here on CD for the first time but the showstopper ‘Make Your Own Rainbow’ was omitted from the recording session. The song later went on to win The Danny Kaye Award at the UNICEF International Song Contest in 1988, with the version featured here performed by Tara McDonald.