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ONCE UPON A TIME Music by Roger Webb, book and lyrics by Norman Newell First produced at the Duke of York's Theatre, St. Martin's Lane, London on December 21st, 1972, (26 matinée performances) presented by David Frost. The sets and costumes were by Tony Walton and the direction and choreography by Gillian Lynne. It starred Tim Curry, Tony Robinson and Kerry Gardner. Synopsis From the world of 'make believe' Newell and Webb have devised a spectacular pantomime entertainment with a sparkling score. Everyone's favourite childhood characters, including Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, the Owl and the Pussycat and the Queen of Hearts, will charm the young and the young at heart. More than just a Christmas show, an all-the-year feast of joy and laughter. MUSICAL NUMBERS: Overture Act I 1. Music Box and Introduction (Clown and Villagers) 2. The Wonderful World Of Make Believe (Clown, Villagers, Tommy Tucker, Mary, Tweedledum, Tweedledee) 3. Ding, Dong, Bell (Villagers) 4. The Three Bears (Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear, Judge [Clown], Town Crier) 5. Incidental Music 6. Incidental Music 7. Three Famous Pussy Cats (Three Pussy Cats, Judge [Clown]) 8. The Owl and The Pussycat (Owl, Pussy Cat, Piggy, Villagers) 9. Wicked (Witch, Wolf, Dragon) 10. We Love Going To A Party (Two Soldiers, Villagers, Three Pussy Cats) 11. No One Asks Us To A Party (Witch, Wolf, Dragon) 12. Search Music - Incidental 13. Why Does Everyone Hate Us? (Witch, Wolf, Dragon) 14. Exit Music - Incidental 15. Little Red Riding Hood (Wolf, Red Riding Hood, Grandmother) 16. Royal March - Incidental 17. The Queen Of Hearts (Clown, Kng and Queen of Hearts, Villagers, Maid) 18. Pat-A-Cake (Company) 19. Make Your Own Rainbow (Red Riding Hood, Villagers, Witch) Act II 20. Farmyard Barn Dance (Town Crier, Villagers, Goosey Gander, Witch, Wolf, Dragon, Ogre) 21. Barn Dance Exit Music - Incidental 22. The Scarecrow Song (Little Bo-Peep, Little Boy Blue, Scarecrow [Clown]) 23. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (Schoolchildren) 24. The Silver Sleigh Ride (Jack Frost, Snowman, Little Boy Blue, Daddy and Baby Bear, Schoolchildren) 25. Everybody Loves The Sun But Me (Snowman) 26. Adventure (Teacher, Schoolchildren, Daddy and Baby Bear)