Shows "O"

MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. We Dance - Storytellers 2. One Small Girl - Euralie, Julian, Little Ti Moune & Storytellers 3. Waiting For Life - Ti Moune, Storytellers 4. And the Gods Heard Her Prayer - Asaka, Agwe, Papa Ge, Erzulie 5. Rain - Agwe, Storytellers 6. Pray - Peasants with Ti Moune, Julian, Euralie, Guard 7. Forever Yours - Ti Moune and Papa Ge and Daniel 8. The Sad Tale of the Beauxhommes - Armand, Storytellers 9. Ti Moune - Euralie & Julian with Ti Moune 10. Mama Will Provide - Asaka, Agwe & Papa Ge & Storytellers 11. The Human Heart - Erzulie, Storytellers 12. Some Girls - Daniel 13. The Ball - Andrea, Daniel, Ti Moune, Storytellers 14. When We Are Wed - Andrea with Ti Moune, Daniel and Papa Ge 15. A Part Of Us - Euralie, Little Ti Moune, Julian and storytellers 16. Why We Tell This Story - Storytellers with Little Ti Moune INSTRUMENTATION: Reed (piccolo/flute/alto flute/clarinet/soprano sax/percussion [finger cymbal]), percussion, guitar (electric/ acoustic/classical), piano/keyboard I, keyboard II, double bass db. percussion [claves] DISCOGRAPHY: Once On This Island (New Broadway Cast Recording)