Shows "O"

Sergei, and suddenly Junior is the new star! The humiliated Morrosine plots with his gangster friend Louie to shoot Junior at the end of the performance, Joe, the stage doorman, overhears and warns Frankie. On-stage, Junior is tipped off. he signals to the conductor to avoid the final loud climax which would cover the shot, and two cops seize Louie as he is about to shoot. After the curtain call, Junior is embraced by Frankie, and is startled to see his Ma and Pa waiting to congratulate him! The music-teacher has made it back to his homeground - the stage. CHARACTERS • PHIL DOLAN II - Junior's father, whose life has been one vaudeville show after another. He is proud of the family tradition and sceptical about the value of schooling. • LIL - Junior's mother. She wants Junior to go to school to follow her family tradition of teaching music. • PHIL DOLAN III - The younger Junior. A boy who has experienced little else except stage shows. • LOLA - The younger Junior's girlfriend in vaudeville. • PHIL DOLAN III (JUNIOR) - A complex character. He is easily impressed by flamboyant glamour like Vera's and is vulnerable. But he is also headstrong and confident about his musical and theatrical ability. He has a happy-go-lucky nature, although inexperienced about human relationships. • FRANKIE - In love with Junior from the start, she is supportive of him and gets jealous over his brief infatuation with Vera. • SIDNEY COHN - A talented youngster who thinks everything he composes is a masterpiece, but he does not over-assert himself. • VERA BARONOVA - A prototype prima ballerina - all her emotions are over-life-size and very "Russian", but she is generous in appreciating the new style of ballet and has a well-developed sense of humour. • KONSTANTINE MORROSINE - A real male ballet star - another great over-lifesize bundle of emotions, but his can slip out of control, as the attempted assassination of his rival shows. • ANUSFIKA - Vera's quiet, downtrodden maid. • PEGGY PORTERFIELD - A sensible, likeable woman who tolerates temperamental people as they are endemic to the profession. She is a good listener, open-hearted and has time for anyone. She is also a practical and open-minded businesswomen, but quite ready to twist arms to get her own way. • SERGEI ALEXANDROVITCH - A stubborn Russian autocrat, he is a man of principle and tradition. He has an appealing human side to his character (e.g. he is endearingly conceited) and is close to Peggy • JOE, STAGE DOORMAN - A contented, loyal man with a comfortable easy job. • LOUIE CAPITALETTI - A shady gangster, typical of the era. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Two A Day for Keith - Phil Dolan II, Lil Dolan, Phil Dolan III 2. The Three Bs - Phil Dolan III, Ensemble 3. It's Got To Be Love - Frankie Frayne, Phil Dolan III 4. Too Good for the Average Man - Peggy Porterfield, Sergei Alexandrovitch 5. There's a Small Hotel - Frankie Frayne, Phil Dolan III 6. The Heart Is Quicker Than the Eye - Peggy Porterfield, Phil Dolan III 7. La Princesse Zenobia Ballet - Princess Zenobia (Vera Baranova), Beggar, Old Prince, Young Prince 8. Quiet Night - A Singer, Ensemble 9. Glad To Be Unhappy - Frankie Frayne, Sidney Cohn 10. On Your Toes - Frankie Frayne, Phil Dolan III, Sidney Cohn, Ensemble 11. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue Ballet - Hoofer: Phil Dolan III. Strip Tease Girl: Vera Baranova. Big Boss: Featured Dancer 12. Finale - Entire Company