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a cheque for $200,000 who shows the cheque to Lily and tells her his plan; Lily is carried away by the idea of playing the woman who "has kept the whole world weeping for centuries." As Lily ponders signing Oscar's contract, she and the other five principal characters voice their sentiments. Lily weakens when Mrs. Primrose offers to finance a Magdalen movie in addition to the stage play. But Oliver, Owen, Oscar and Lily soon are horrified to learn the truth about Mrs. Primrose. Oscar sees his dreams slipping down the drain, while Lily is furious that Oscar has made a fool of her. Max Jacobs, a successful Broadway producer (who was once Oscar's office boy), arrives. Max also has a play for Lily, a vehicle written by Somerset Maugham, but Lily is drawn to the role of Mary Magdalen. Alone, Lily ponders her options, finally deciding to accept Max's offer. Oscar has decided to end it all and distributes his worldly possessions to the loyal Owen and Oliver. Mrs. Primrose attempts to take a gun from Oscar's hand, and it goes off. Oscar emerges unscathed but decides to take advantage of the situation. Pretending to be near death, Oscar asks to see Lily once more and, as his "last request," asks her to sign his contract. Lily signs, but, when Oscar reveals that he is very much alive, Lily reveals that she signed the contract as one "Peter Rabbit." Clearly made for each other, Lily and Oscar embrace. CHARACTERS: • Lily Garland, formerly Mildred Plotka • Oscar Jaffee, the high priest of the theatre • Owen O'Malley, his press agent • Oliver Webb, his business manager • Letitia Primrose • Bruce Grant, a damageable screen star • Conductor Flanagan of the Twentieth Century • Dr. Johnson • Imelda thornton, a star • Max Jacobs Agnes, Congressman Lockwood, Maxwell Finch, Porters, Anita, etc. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Babbette - Lily 2. Five Zeros - Mrs Primrose & Oscar, Owen, Oliver 3. I Have Written a Play - Flanagan 4. I Rise Again - Oscar, Owen and Oliver 5. The Indian Maiden's Lament - 6. I've Got It All- Lily Garland, Oscar 7. The Legacy - Oscar 8. Life Is Like A Train - Porters 9. Lily, Oscar - Lily, Oscar, Oliver, Owen and ensemble 10. Max Jacobs 11. Mine - Oscar, Bruce Never - Lily, Owen, Oliver 12. On the Twentieth Century - Company 13. Our Private World - Oscar & Lily 14. Repent - Letitia Primrose 15. Saddle Up the Horse - Owen & Oliver 16. She's A Nut - Company 17. Sign, Lily, Sign - Oscar 18. Stranded Again - Bishop, Actor & Company 19. Together - Ensemble with Oscar 20. Veronique - Lily, Oscar & ensemble DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast Recording - Sony - SK 35330