Shows "O"

CAST: • Ozzie • Chip Offenbloch • Gabey • Ivy Smith • Brunnhilde Esterhazy • Claire de Loon • Judge Pitkin W. Bridgework • Lucy Schmeeler • Madam Dilly MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act I 1. Overture (The Star-Spangled Banner)—Orchestra 2. I Feel Like I’m Not Out of Bed Yet—Workmen 3. New York, New York—Ozzie, Chip, and Gabey 4. Gabey’s Comin’—Gabey, Ozzie, Chip, and Girls* 5. Presentation of Miss Turnstiles—Announcer, Contestants, Ivy, and Manhattanites 6. Come Up to My Place—Hildy and Chip 7. Carried Away—Claire and Ozzie 8. Carried Away (Encore)—Claire and Ozzie 9. Lonely Town** / Pas de deux / Chorale—Gabey and Ensemble 10. Carnegie Hall Pavane (Do-Do-Re-Do)—Madame Dilly, Ivy, and Women of Carnegie Hall 11. I Understand (Verse)—Pitkin 12. Carried Away (Reprise)—Ozzie and Claire 13. I Can Cook Too—Hildy 14. I Can Cook Too (Encore)—Hildy 15. Lucky to Be Me—Gabey and Full Company 16. Finale Act I: Times Square Ballet—Company Act II 17. Entr’acte—Orchestra 18. So Long, Baby—Diamond Eddie’s Girls 19. I Wish I Was Dead—Diana Dream 20. I Understand (Recitative)—Pitkin 21. I Wish I Was Dead (Spanish)—Senorita Dolores Dolores 22. Ya Got Me—Hildy, Claire, Ozzie, and Chip 23. Ya Got Me (Encore)—Hildy, Claire, Ozzie, and Chip 24. I Understand (Recitative)—Pitkin 25. I Understand (Pitkin’s Song)—Pitkin 26. Subway Ride / Imaginary Coney Island—Gabey, Ivy, and Dance Ensemble 27. Some Other Time—Claire, Hildy, Ozzie, and Chip 28. The Real Coney Island—Rajah Bimmy 29. Finale Act II: New York, New York (Reprise)—Full Company DISCOGRAPHY: On The Town (London Cast Recording) On the Town (New Broadway Cast Recording)