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involving all the schools in London. By now the situation is completely out of hand; Kathie and Joe are on the run. Kathie tries to persuade him that two people are more easily detected than one and they should part. Joe rejects the idea. Clancy anxious to help them, finds Kathie and Joe in the Planetarium, their favourite haunt, but he has been followed by Fiona, a spare-time special constable. Clancy makes a last attempt to enlist her help and sympathy - but fails. All three are arrested. The scandal makes world headlines - "Britannia waives the rules." The parents mourn the misdeeds of the children; the children attack the shortcomings of their parents. But the guilty children and parents alike, are sentenced to nine months. While in prison, Kathy has a baby. At the christening, after they're released, the child is given the names George Clancy Edward - 'the only possible initials." MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Three Crazy Letters (G.C.E.) - Ensemble 2. Strangely Attractive - Joe and Kathie 3. Bleep-Bleep - Eileen 4. Thermodynamically Yours - Joe, Kathie, Clancy and Ensemble 5. Very Good Friend - Fiona and Clancy 6. My Girl at the Dance - Kathie, Joe, Chuck and Marie-Luce 7. Let's Make the Most of Now - The Company 8. Where the Action Is - Chuck, Marie-Luce, Norman and Ensemble 9. Nostalgia - George, Mildred, Howard and Helen 10. Love Gets Younger Every Year - Norman and Marie-Luce 11. Peaceful - Joe and Ensemble 12. On the Level - Chuck, Joe, Norman and Ensemble 13. And Then I'll Go - Kathie and Joe 14. Chorale - Finale - The Ensemble 15. Play Out (Where The Action Is) - Orchestra CAST - (in order of appearance) - Original cast shown • Clancy Pettinger - Barrie Ingham • Kathie - Angela Richards • Joe - Gary Bond • Fiona Sherringham - Phyllida Law • Eileen Wells - Sheila White • Marie-Luce - Sandra Michaels • Chuck - Rod McLennan • Norman - Bernard Sharpe • George Parker - Barney Gilbraith • Mildred Parker - Irlin Hall • Howard Morton - Robert Cawdron • Helen Morton - Carolyn Hudson • Eric - Bobby Bannerman • Michael - Richard Fox • Judge - Brian Hewitt-Jones The Singers: Olwen Hughes, Vanessa Howard, Paddy Glynne, Joyce Dalton, Brian Forster, Terry Mitchell, Joseph Saber, Earle Cross, Vicky Molon, Sheila White, Clare Welch, Kenneth Waller, Tim Kynman, Bobby Banner man, Noel Tovey. The Dancers: Caryl Little, Caroline Haig, Julie Pitcher, Kathy Preston, Richard Fox, Mike Bevan, Barrie Young, Mary Clubb, Derina House, Maggie Vieler, Louis Godfrey, David Thornton, John Lane. DISCOGRAPHY: Original London Cast Album - C.B.S. - BRG 70021