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she can be with him in heaven for all eternity. Amphitryon returns and Alcmene comes face to face with two identical husbands. Forced to choose she pronounces Jupiter to be the true Amphitryon. The real Amphitryon protests but by so doing realises that he is denouncing his wife as a willing adulteress. He withdraws his claim and vows he will defend her purity of heart to the death. Jupiter thus discovers a third human emotion - compassion. Jupiter withdraws from the contest and restores harmony on earth and takes his leave of Alcmene. Wistfully he returns to heaven to assume his rightful place as Eternal Ruler of the Universe. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Welcome To Greece - Chorus 2. Heaven On Earth - Jupiter, Alcmen, Chorus 3. The Gods On Tap - Delores, Jupiter, Mercury, Chorus 4. Surprise! - Sosia 5. Love, What a Concept - Jupiter, Mercury 6. Wait 'til Dawn - Mercury 7. I Know My Wife - Amphitryon 8. It Was Me - Sosia 9. Back So Soon? - Amphitryon, Sosia, Chorus 10. Wonderful - Alcmene 11. At Liberty In Thebes - Charis, Chorus 12. Jupiter Slept Here - Company 13. Back to the Play - Chorus 14. Don't Bring Her Flowers - Mercury 15. Generals' Panedmonium - Amphitryon, Jupiter, Sosia, Chorus 16. Heaven on Earth (reprise) - Sosia, Chorus 17. A Star Is Born - Delores, Company 18. Olympus Is A Lonely Town - Amphitryon, Alcmene, Mercury, Jupiter, Charis, Sosia, Chorus 19. Finale - Heaven on Earth - Jupiter, Alcmene SCENES AND SETTINGS The play is set in the ancient Greek city of Thebes, during the course of a forty hour day DISCOGRAPHY Olympus on My Mind - The American Cast Recording