Shows "O"

Nancy visits Mr. Brownlow and explains how she and Bill abducted Oliver, and remorsefully promises to deliver Oliver to him safely that night on London Bridge. She ponders again about Bill (“As Long as He Needs Me [Reprise]”). Suspecting that Nancy is up to something, Bill follows her as she sneaks Oliver out of Fagin’s den. At London Bridge, he confronts them, knocks Oliver unconscious, and clubs Nancy to death. He then grabs Oliver and runs off. Mr. Brownlow arrives and discovers Nancy’s body. A large crowd forms, among them the distraught Bet. Bullseye, Bill’s terrier, turns on his master and returns to the scene of the crime and the crowd prepares to follow him to the hideout. Fagin and his boys leave their hideout in panic. Not finding Bill at the hideout, the crowd returns to the Thames Embankment. Bill appears at the top of the bridge, holding Oliver as hostage and threatening to kill him. Two policemen sneak up on him. One of them shoots Bill and the other grabs Oliver. After Oliver is reunited with Mr. Brownlow, the mob disperses offstage. Fagin appears and decides that the time has never looked better for him to straighten out his life (“Reviewing the Situation [Reprise]”). CAST: Male - 17: Female - 10: Plus chorus (some with vocal parts) ORIGINAL CAST • Oliver Twist - Keith Hamshere/Royston Thomas/Martin Stephens/Colin Page/Michael Mennick/Kit Williams/Stevie Walters/Terence Holmes/Kim Goodman/Robert Cook/Peter Bartlett/Raymond Ward/ Tommy Mann &c • Mr Bumble - Paul Whitsun-Jones/Robert Bridges/Rob Inglis • Mrs Corney - Hope Jackman/Olwen Griffiths/Brenda Scaife • Old Sally - Betty Turner • Mrs Sowerberry - Sonia Fraser/Julia Nelson/Edna Dore • Mr Sowerberry Barry Humphries/Michael Bretton/David Pugh/David Monico • Charlotte - Apple Brook/Janet Pate/Penny Reid/Irene French • Noah Claypole - Trevor Ray/David Beaumont • Fagin - Ron Moody/John Bluthal/Aubrey Woods/Johnny Lockwood • Artful Dodger - Martin Horsey/Tony Robinson/Michael Goodman/Chris Andrews/Leonard Whiting/ David Jones/Jimmy Handley/Jimmy Thomas/Stephen Leigh &c • Nancy - Georgia Brown/Vivienne Martin/Judith Bruce/Nicolette Roeg/Elizabeth Perry/Penny Allen • Bet - Dian Grey/Vivien Read/Gillian Hoyle/Deborah Cranston/Winnie Hunt/Carla Challoner/Lynn Bartlett/Sally Handley/Janet Krasowki/Marian Dore/Beryl Corsan/Kathryn Handley/Glenda Sims &c • Bill Sikes - Danny Sewell/John Orchard/Harry Goodier/George Little • Mr Brownlow - George Bishop • Mr Grimwig - Claude Jones/Stanley Price/Peter Sugden • Mrs Bedwin - Madeleine Newbury/Audrey Leybourne • with Charles Brown, Christopher Cooke, Jonathan Collins, Peter Eveleigh, Patrick Furlong, Michael Goodman, Clive Green, Brian Lewis, Dennis Mallard, Stephen Marriott, Barry Newnham, Nicholas Norman, Tony Robinson, Alan Shortland, Royston Thomas, Sally Biton, Anna Leroy, Jean Ann Page, Janet Pate, Elizabeth Perry, David Beaumont, Jonathan Bromley, Eric Holmes, Rob Inglis, Larry Oaks, Stanley Price, Brian Scott, Jim Sparrow. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Food, Glorious Food - The Boys 2. Oliver! - Mr. Bumble, Mrs Corney, Oliver, Boys 3. I Shall Scream - Mrs Corney, Mr. Bumble 4. Boy For Sale - Mr. Bumble