Shows "O"

BOXER NARRATOR, SCOTTIE NARRATOR, POODLE NARRATOR, and CHIHUAHUA NARRATOR Boxer Narrator, Scottie Narrator, Poodle Narrator, and Chihuahua Narrator help to tell the story and are part of your Dogs of London ensemble (see above). Because the clarity of the plot relies on them, cast performers with excellent diction and projection. You need not only have four narrators – feel free to split up the narration between ensemble members as best suits your production. OTHER PUPPIES Dognapped by Cruella, these Dalmatian pups come in halfway through the play and can be double-cast as your Dogs of London ensemble. Include as many puppies in this group as you would like – the more the better! FRECKLES AND SPOTTY Freckles and Spotty, two Dalmatian puppies stolen by Cruella, can be cast from your ensemble of additional Dalmatians. Each puppy has one solo line of dialogue. SERGEANT TIBBS Sergeant Tibbs is the army cat that rallies the Dogs of London to rescue the puppies. This role is gender neutral – just be sure to cast an actor with a strong voice that can project an authoritative air. This cat has a short, but sweet solo, so make sure vocals are strong. POLICE OFFICER The Police Officer arrests the villains at the end of the show. Cast an actor who can convey a no-nonsense attitude in this gender-neutral role. DOGCATCHER The Dogcatcher appears at show’s end to dramatically remove Cruella from the scene. This role is gender neutral, so cast any student who might excell at creating a few moments of physical comedy with Cruella. Gender: any